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Will look amazing, but more importantly, it'll be a pretty signature element of connectivity that you see in few places elsewhere. The bridge is not expected to be finished until 2028 the final price tag is not known. Coming up after traffic and weather to make businesses more competitive, some are offering improved benefits to attract and keep their higher quality talent will have the story coming up. Got to be able to use time 8 O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s to Joe in the WTO traffic center. All right, Dan, we'll start off in Maryland where things are moving mostly well, not much of a delay to speak up on any of the majors as we make the drive-through pre stores and make them recounted on the capitol bellway. Collar confirming a crash. On the album the bell in your route one college park, finding it in the camera activity there. You're getting by and all travel lanes may have to just kind of swerve around to get by, but nevertheless, units are with that one on the ad loop of the beltway approaching route one college park near the exit ramp. Elsewhere in Maryland two 70 95 in the Baltimore Parkway fine. No issues at the bay bridge is running too east and three west. On the Virginia beltway, the crash on the adult rev to 6 44 east is mostly clear. The Vida truck is getting ready to pull away. We were able to get by in the right shoulder the ramp has never blocked. It only took them about a half hour to get things cleared out of the way. But nevertheless, maybe watch your speed, it should make that exit ramp, but that V dot truck is already starting to pull away. Elsewhere in Virginia 95 95, no reported problems for you, the easy pass lanes are north on 95 and three 95 out of Stafford. As you might expect, it's not a crash in high blood valley on 400 side lane. It's reported now as a house fire. You might find a unit there blocking some of the travel lanes there on as you approach morningside lane and Sherwood hall. Elsewhere, let's go to the district talked about the drive on the highway

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