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To the weekend Warriors Home Improvement show built by par Lumber. I'm Corey Veld is I'm Tony Cookson. Thanks for hanging out with us today. We're talking about home automation. For the weekend warrior and before the break we were talking about Future proofing which to me is a dumb word because you can't future proof. Anything? Well, that's not true. You can future for some stuff. Here's a primary example. Corey. You have a standard vanity in your master bathroom with a sink and a faucet. And Somebody is telling you about the latest and greatest new amazing thing, which is a vessel top sink. This sits on a flat surface that you drill hole through and your plumbing goes in where the drawers are. Of this sort of old, you know, changed over dresser that was built in 19. Really? Yeah, right. And, uh, and a faucet that you know, sort of eyes like a fountain faucet. It could've spits the water out, you know, into the center of this bowl, and everybody is saying it's all the rage. Do you? Change out your vanity and your sink to put in a vessel sink with this fountain style faucet in your Bathroom remodel or do you go with the old standard? Go with the old standard. See you just future proved it because you know that in one year or five years, that vessel thing's going to be like, Oh, that's so 2010. Well, we're not talking about trends here. We're talking about technology. You're talking about future proofing. You didn't say technology. You said you can't future proof anything. You know what I mean? I'm just telling you what you said. And so you might revise that statement. Well, go for it, okay? You can't future proof You can't necessarily future proof technology, but it's there are things that you can do to help you along in the future. For instance, And I guess when you say future what are we really talking about? You know, 100 years? Probably not now. Technology 100 years from now is no sign of baby clothes, right? But 5 10 years 15 years I think the technology that is on the forefront is probably okay for the next 10 years, Right? Sure. So, just for instance, like you put Cat five cable through your whole house, right? You could still use Cat five cable today. Can't you just You just can't give you the potential. It's not the best can't realize the potential. So if you want the best, and you're building a new construction house You probably want to put in cat six cable. Not necessarily because you need it this instant. You don't necessarily need cat six cable in every single room. But it's not a huge investment of front when you are building a house and like you said Why fight? It gets crowded. And having the ability to plug something in at full. Ethernet speeds in your office rather than WiFi. Is so much better And for that small investment upfront, I feel like it's worth it. In the last three years, I have spent pretty good money. Replacing outlets in my home without let's that have USB ports for charging devices. And yet, here we are on the precipice of us be being replaced by U. S. B. C right Because you SBC cords now are coming out with the U. S. B. C. Um, connector on each end of the court, And now suddenly you've plugged that USB C into something that accepts us B. C and so because it charges faster and it's better and that's the way it is right. But here I am now going to be You know, at some point us be. You're gonna have to walk by an adapter to adapt your USB C T. U. S V So you can use your old outlets, right? Yeah. Throwing good money after bad. Well, I think it really comes down to being smart. With your smart devices that you put in, right? You know, you don't want to jump in both feet and spend tons of money on technology for your entire house that you don't necessarily need, you know, because it might be discontinued in no time. You don't really know It's a gamble sometimes, but I feel like And this is the reason that I went with apples home kit is what they call it. Apple Home kit. It's a It's an app. That's on your phone. Yes, you do have to buy a hub, which I went ahead and I bought a an Apple TV and Apple TV will work. As your hub. You can also buy a product called Home pod. What it is. It's like a speaker. It's like a big round speaker. And that has a process or in it That's like a really Fast miniature computer with a speaker and you can talk to it. You could talk to Syria allowed. She listens and you can tell her to do things. So Part of the reason I went with apples because yes, there There are huge company the hardly one of the biggest companies in the world, right? And I don't think there's a chance of them going out of business in my lifetime. However, there is tons of products on the market. From manufacturers that I have never heard of. And in two years I probably will never hear from again. So if you're buying Products that use technology that is Proprietary, I guess is the word I'm looking for, Um Fire Beware because.

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