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Some larger goes for the two thousandth win in Bruce but she just might give it to him to spell right quite well this year that's supposed to let him go past five taking these guys on anyway let's just see one against ten thousand steps in yeah he was not happy at all last night man during the game he was riffing afterwards but during the game and his blood pressure was boiling I funny just got the roads and then we got a lot to do we're going to go get more speed Toronto when it's not nice no stopping us we're gonna be it's it's our bills about thirty minutes but it's where my going we're gonna their annual hall today you're going to enjoy that very much go Pat the read our backs that you on the head you'll see it okay yeah we got. traffic is sponsored by cache creek star year with some fortune cache creek the year of fortune every Saturday and Sunday at six to nine PM someone will win eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight dollars plus on February seventeenth someone with a two thousand nineteen Lexus your fortune only at cache creek visit catch produk all for more information let's check on the roads for the children auto body traffic this delays continue for the North Bay where I we won twenty one is that one way traffic control all morning long your duty grow because of overnight road work that ran long and so while traffic is improving it is still very congested there in both directions and it's impacting highway twenty nine in both directions approaching one twenty one northbound one on one with the scene Vinson's drive right two lanes are blocked due to a major crash there you're backed up to the Civic Center in the South Bay highway one fifty to shut down still yet to Bloomfield in the Gilroy area due to a major crash if you're on north down six CD into Danville before sycamore valley road correct as movie shoulder slow from crow canyon and then heading into San Francisco were backed up into the maze metering light still on at the west found a bridge. traffic was sponsored by red with credit union read would credit union has free checking and that's actually free that's free which means no fees plus access to more ATMs and bank America and Wells Fargo.

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