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One fans will be mad about I could tie it into football. Okay, The more I watched the races. I'm going to feel like Mercedes is Tom Brady in New England. Okay. I mean, I loved the race Sunday, but, I mean, I got a feeling I'm going to get really bored of Mercedes dominating fast. Maybe one thing that happened in that race. You know, it's beautiful to hear someone that is an all time or what is a fan of F one and has been for a long time. You have the opportunity right now to be our first ever. F one caller, though, three over here we have no seriously. This is a big deal. The first time you've never taken a call. We've never taken another one. So I was thinking this because you know you're starting a new sport. And Sunday morning, we got up to watch that race and we're excited about it. I know you were watching. I know Bulldog and his son Owen, giant Goli son. They're watching it. Marty's watching it. I got friends that we were texting about it the night before about qualifying and testing and Friday, But Jeremy Friday morning I woke up at five o'clock. And Yeah, like 44 35 I first thought was it's a day off. What do you do it? And my second thought was who formula in practicing is on right now on ESPN two I I watched Practice Friday morning at five o'clock. It was fun, but anyway going I mean to cut you off, but that's that's how it is to have the whole weekend. I wass. Look put it this way. Let's say you've never seen a football game in your entire life and you're so ready to watch football. You can't wait to watch football and then you see the Bills Jags playoff game where you see Bill's brown 6 to 3 up, You know, like you might be so excited about your new sport thatyou think while I really enjoyed that that was fun for a football fan would say, Hey, buddy, like, Let me tell you. That was one of the worst game I've ever seen. You know, I don't think that this race was was one of the worst you'll ever see. But ah, lot of the drama and a lot of the potential drama was removed early on when Max Verstappen had the electrical problem and was out of the race. If anybody would again we're Sadie's a shot. It would have been him. Right. He would have been in there and you know, after the race, he called it would've been easy podium for him like that, By the way, that that was funny when he said that, uh, right, right. Got a little you know, little huts but to him Yes. Oh, so watching it and thinking about when Verstappen went out early. I was really disappointed. I felt that, you know, you know, As soon as I decide to like a team, they usually end up being terrible. The bills are my loan savior right now. Um, but so the Mercedes air running one to which is you know, like you're saying you're thinking on them tighter Mercedes, however. Even that got interesting because the curve we know from watching drive to survive from learning about the sport that your number one rival is your teammate. So here's Lewis Hamilton running second. Behind was it bought us the lead wire to wire wire the wire. So the whole time most of the race you've got those two Senate one, too, and they do a really good job of bringing you into the race. I thought the broadcast was really well done. Some of the stuff you see on drive to survive is the radio between the two drivers and the Well, whoever the president of the race, right I don't even know the term team principal and thank you, team principal. They brought you into that, and they give you a really good look at that. So we're telling Bo Tat's Who's leading like You got to be careful on the curves. We've got an issue with the gearbox, right and then Five minutes later, they tell Lewis Hamilton the same thing. They have the same car, but but what does he's they said? What they want to do is say we're running really well. We can run 12 And, of course, Hamilton doesn't want to run 12 He wants to move from 2 to 1. But right when they were talking about hitting the curbs, Hamilton response. Yeah, but he's hitting more than me. I thought that was hilarious. The other guy's doing. It's like me and I What are you telling me for? It was almost like it's his problem. Not mine like that. You should tell the driver up there. It's his fault. He's the one hitting curbs too much. But I mean hitting car curbs is a part of being an aggressive driver. And so anyway as we're going along and first happens out like a man, is this race going to get good? Is Hamilton gonna attack? And the Mercedes cars were having some trouble that if the field were to catch them, they couldn't play defense as much. They'd have to go on the attack. And then that happened right, so the field gets brought back by the safety car. And sure enough, there's Red Bulls. You believe this much to say on F one? I'm like I can't even 10 years ago five years ago, one year ago that I would have this much so there's Red Bulls Alex album. He's in third, He's moved from fourth to third. He's a good young driver for Red Bull, the second season of drive to survive. You see, he's aggressive. He looks like and there's less than 10 laps left, so it's looking like he's going to be on the podium. He's looking like he's going to the podium and he's the one to challenge the two Mercedes driver's at the front and you know he's going for it. He's trying to get by Hamilton and I am in this room that I'm sitting in right now, or I do the show from home. And Alban starts to go around Hamilton, right, and I'm screaming. He's got him out of his. He's got him and then Hamilton bumps him in spins amount and I swore a lot. Yeah. Ah lot, but I was mad. I was legitimately mad about this. Like, what would you like salt into my thought I do like I mean, Yeah, There's nobody I don't like yet. I do have an e mail today from Mark who does not like Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is Cool. He's awesome. He's one of the best ever. But two of the last three races, he's bump. Somebody often been penalized and he's done. It is that toe album last year at the end of this season in Brazil, I guess, anyway. I mean, I I don't know if it was the greatest race ever, but I enjoyed it, and I look forward to next week when they're on the same track. So they said that track beats up cars an awful lot. Um, I think the broadcasted a great job of telling you about the strategy. Absolutely guy that was on the analysis, the color analyst where Sebastian Vettel spot. You know, he got in a wreck, and he basically said, like William, because no somewhere it shouldn't belong. That's driver error like that's that guy's fault. In a couple of racks. Nobody got hurt. No, no spectacular crashes. But I thought it was tremendous. I really enjoyed it. And it was enough like drive to survive that I can't wait to watch Episode one of season three like this. That race that we saw Sunday will be a great episode. Well, they'll have to stop in Mike when he wouldn't He storms out right? He drives into the garage..

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