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Jackie Robinson. Signed to a segregated Army unit after being drafted in 1942. Subsequently was accepted at Officer candidate school and commission is a second lieutenant. He was court martial in 1944 after being taken into custody by military police refusing to move to the back of the Army bus. Now there's a hero. Was acquitted by an all white panel of officers. The proceedings kept him from being deployed with his tank battalion. After being honorably discharged. Robertson signed with a Negro League baseball team in 1947. And you know he broke the barrier with the Dodgers. So many others. Roger Starbuck. David Robinson Navy. Yogi Berra. Glenn Miller. Bobby Jones. Jack Dempsey. Bill Bradley, Charley Paddock, Christie Matheson. John Woodruff. U S. Olympic team sprinter. Dizzy Dean, Gene Tunney. Hank Bauer. Quite Wilhelm Warren Spahn. All these men served in the military for their country. Hank Greenberg, Peewee Reese. Tom Seaver. Tim James. Steve Hokum. Don Larsen. John wouldn't like famous coach. Al Bumbry. Famous baseball player, Whitey Ford. Gil Hodges. Larry Doby, Ken Norton, Signor Monta Monte Irvin, Nolan Ryan. Rocky Marciano. Willie Davenport. Chad Hennings, Buddy Lewis. You know, slaughter. Mark Hall. Roy, please. John Napier. Tom Landry. Tony Lema. Few more. I'm getting to a point. Heard Simmons Jim Lonborg. Buddy Herzog..

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