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The scenes texture about this event jim we'll go back to the governor's association in a moment but i want to ask you a very simple question do you miss being governor of vermont well it's kind of a mixed blessing it's still somewhat of a transition eight years after the fact there's an old saying that the only way to get politics out of your blood is formaldehyde but i'm determined to show that that's not necessarily true sometimes i get a twins and thank gosh i i would have done something differently from what my successors of have done and i wish i were still there but then i take a deep breath ray and i think you know it's important to go before you have to and unlike many states we don't have any term limits in vermont so i decided after eight years not to seek reelection as someone once said it's important to leave the party while folks are having a good time and i left with with good job approval ratings i so my could have been elected again but there comes a time to pass the torch and we had just become grandparents back then for the first time we had aging parents of our own it just seemed to be the right time to move on and issue alluded now doing a little teaching part time at my alma mater middlebury college on a few company boards from working with the bipartisan policy center in washington perhaps they quixotic missions but we're hoping to get people to talk to each other and so i'm just fine i'm glad somebody's working on the bipartisan nature i agree that it's a challenge that seems to be more difficult with each passing day i want to remind everybody that not only was jim douglas a governor of vermont but he also served as a member of the vermont house of representatives he was elected to be vermont secretary of state as well as state treasurer my friend you have a public service pedigree that is not seen by a lot of people in our current political environment i think it's rather unique to have someone that is actually devoted his entire life to serving the people of a state i commend you for that and that sort of lasts with you no matter whether in office or not right well that certainly true and i enjoyed it i often said that running for office every two years is not a very reliable way to make a living most of the time and i have to tell you about a santa fe connection i president of the national association of secretaries of state and then also president of the national association of state treasures and during my presidency of the treasurers association we had our annual meeting in santa fe in early september of twenty one and we were there on nine eleven who was a very poignant and challenging time and and we we had i as many listeners kinda appreciate didn't really know what was going on and didn't know how to react should we continue our meetings should we not no one was going anywhere because worse than any flights available and and so it was a very awkward time but i spent a little longer in santa fe than i have planned but everybody was very gracious and hospitable during those very difficult times for our country well that's an interesting story and i can i can only state that i was living in washington dc at the time of nine eleven and i distinctly remember the air force jets flying very low over the city when that final jet that was ultimately crashed in pennsylvania was presumed to be on its way to somewhere else in dc and it was a very scary time to be in the city as it was for people all over the country and the lack of information really i think sort of fed into that fear don't you agree absolutely and it's a good reminder about our vulnerability and and brought us together as a nation there's an upside to that kind of tragedy and i hope we can remember that sense of collegiality and and try to work together a little better now how since you brought it up i actually mentioned it when i was telling folks about your accomplishments and then you just mentioned it but how in fact with the bipartisan group in dc do you perform the action associated with that word well the bipartisan policy center was formed by senator dole dash hold baker and mitchell.

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