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Online tesla has released the specs in the first images of power wool. Plus to powell to plus that way round off elon. Musk announced it last week during taxes. Earning school he said that he went into production lost november. Now we have the spec sheets. Courtesy of at fred over ask electric who points out. The powell plus has a top power of nine point six kilowatts. At how much power you can droughts of the thing at once it was previously five kilowatts with as continuous with seven kilowatt. Peak tesla has a new in verte with integrated breaker. So again. if you're watching the version this podcast online. That's what is now sitting on. Top of the powell wall plus gives the installation and new look and they set on that cole was all about making installations of powell more simple. That's opa the conversation. They won't sell you one of these now on. Its own so no mention of price in this. I i happen to say The spec sheet says that it still has thirteen point five kilowatt hours storage which is cool very very decent and yet like i say now in an increased continuous grid. I must add so only when your power gets cutoffs. If you are disconnected from the grid of nine point six kilowatts. I of think why you'd need to pull so much. But i guess. I'm wanting to country where you know. Maybe a couple of air conditioning systems and those kind of systems that when they fire up have a very big load on your circuits and then they tend to take down and other takeover will shut off completely sub fridge. Does i guess. I think anyway again. No engineer so That that peak. I guess that is useful to have a higher peak output. When you're operating off grid. I see that a lot when we talk about storage home energy storage. And all powell and things. We've moved into this house. Four years ago never had a power cut now living in the middle of a city. A town but al grit doesn't go through so maybe you live somewhere where you do get regular palkot saw on and off and on aware of those issues that make the world news in australia brown outs. And obviously texas. What happened recently. So i'm not saying it doesn't happen and it's not useful up. This looks good stuff. From from tesla a gradual improvement on night and day improvement. Like i say no mentioned price. Because you can't buy one of these on its out and you got on the shop and buy one of these You have to have tesla solar panels on your roof which is fabulously difficult. It's you thought making 'cause was hard because at least you only designed.

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