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Before we get to the other side. I'll tell you my favorite GFS plays off the day and then we'll take it and take your questions. 303713 85 85 or 56690. Um, Tim? Patrick. What do we What do you doing with Tim Patrick? Right now? Me. Obviously, a lot of people have already added him. So I'm not like a nice sitting here saying, run out your waivers and get him because if he is there, you should definitely own him. He's got back to back 100 yard games. He's sliding into the court with sudden role even if you think that he is not going to be Courtland Sutton, you know, as far as his ceiling goes, I think you could say well, that role has Tremendous value in this offense. What are you doing with them On a day like this? I think you got to start him. I think he's probably wide receiver. Three for you, The Flex guy. I think he's probably good for you know, 60 80 yards and 800.5 on the touchdowns. Ah, that defense on if no offense is actually good to go or not thing about Patrick in this matchup easy. She's got size that those Chiefs corners really can't handle. There really isn't a corner that can kind of handle his size. And so I think I'm gonna have an advantage. I'd go to the well. I would start off early with Jerry Judy 2323 plays designed specifically for Judy, just to kind of get Kansas a leading that way with the coverage and then you go back to Tim Patrick on the big play. You looked for him for 234 chunk plays throughout the game and see what he could do with a core of the sun had four catches for 79. Yards that last the last time these teams met in the snow and the snow. If Tim Patrick get you four for 79, you're you're happy. Ready Having I I think that this field is going to be a lot cleaner than that. Kansas City game wasn't going to hold it in that game. But it's gonna be cleaner than that. And you know, I think that like I said Tim Patrick, one of the best people receivers in the league right now, if you could get through four trump place to him, I think you're good. When we come.

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