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Marguerite may have had their own domestic violence issues Nicole and O._J.. Had them for sure. Nicole did not come from O._J.'s neighborhood neighborhood. He did not meet her when he didn't have a dollar in his pocket. They didn't grow together. Come from nothing together experience the first taste of success together that a very different relationship dynamic Nicole while she was actually born in Germany grew up in Orange County. She was so cal kid. She was homecoming queen in Highschool who grew up in upper middle class neighborhood not far from the beach when she met O._J.. He was already celebrity. He was rich famous and much older than her. He was twelve years older which isn't a huge deal when one person's thirty to another person's forty four but for sure a huge deal when one person thirty another eighteen in that situation one person is fully in adult one person is comparatively still kid and Sony ways and if you disagree I'm almost certain you're under thirty with rare exception. One person knows who fucked they are one person just starting to find out Nicole wasn't O._J.'s partner from the beginning. I think is pretty fair to assume. He viewed her as his possession in my opinion when someone in their thirties or older is dating people in their teens. They're generally not looking to be challenged challenged anyway. After death the world would learn the Nicole hit survive seven or eight separate occasions of reported domestic violence and quite likely several dozens of other incidents that were not reported more on that a little bit later in one thousand eighteen eighty O._J.. was part of only one Hollywood project made for T._v.. Movie he produced and starting called Detour Terror O._J.. was once again the executive producer on this is official. One cents description makes it sound like possibly the greatest movie ever made homicidal Dune Buggy trio terrorizes a busload of Las Vegas bound tourists with the intent to kidnap one of them. I'm sorry you say Dune buggies. You Say Vegas Tourists Being Terrorized Holy Shit Him in O._J.. Plays the bus driver and even snakes Nicole onto the bus in a non speaking cameo role only one user review of this film I._M._D._b.. Dot Com and ends with if this is the only.

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