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Neil. Neil feel confused. Neil feel torn by Neil. Friends. Neil friends. Having. Doing things. Neil not know about. He'll. So all right well. Guys as you all now I'm comedian. I at at the comedy store I feel as a comedian. I feel. Like A. Muslim after nine eleven. I. Go to did I go to flight school with Muhammed Ana yeah same flight school. Did I see him at flight. Yes, did we tax year? Have I been Muhammad Odyssey House nope. but I'm not. It's you know. I'M NOT GONNA. Say Me and Chris. Friends weren't friends and in terms of. Like there's no fire. But, I'm I. I'm choking on of smoke inhalation. There's a lot of smoke. And And so the thing comes out I C Delia trending on twitter, and it says that it's as Christopher Pedophilia and Mike. So I. Look at this point. There's two screen shots. Neither of them say anything it's like. Where they go! This Guy Fox's step mom, but there's no proof that it's a step. Yeah like you. Don't I mean guys come on stem on there? Be More tension whatever so. So I look. There's two screen shots so I. Go on twitter and I'm like hey. I don't I'm I detest predators, but if you have information. About. Chris doing these things. Show show them to me I'll give money to charity. And I was like until then. Don't call him a pedophile right and a bunch of people take it down people. May even beyond that. Don't even post it, but may Isaac Lobby. I'm fucking. I'm a maverick guys. I do what I want when I want. I'm like a young Chris Delia now. Wait, why can you take me through? Exactly why post that like why? Insert yourself into the story I'll tell you why because Bianca. Without getting too specific, I just went through stuff where I did not feel amply defended. By people and and. I want it, so here's whenever there is an accusation. I follow the. INSTAGRAM innocence project and on twitter. And Innocence Project is about people are falsely accused who get convicted. and are. Sentenced in there in jail, and then somebody recant, S-, or they get a blood test and approves they didn't do it, and there are hundreds of these every year, if not thousands of these death row inmates that have been falsely. There's something like five that their positive were were killed. illegally an wrongly so. As A. I feel like I have to constituents. One group is women of which I have many friends, and the other group is black men, which many friends so I kind of have to pick when there's an accusation of Hough, who am I? GonNa. Who Am I going to turn my back on here? Right so when I see a false accusation. I. My no one likes this argument, but what I said was. I have an old man. Phrase you ready. I maybe I said it on the PODCASTS. Do we have? Do we have a song for all as? Goals! The old man phrase is. If a white man. Sneezes that means a black man's going to get pneumonia. Meaning meaning like if it's like what a friend always says if they'll do this to a white man, the fuck, will they do to a black man? Like. Pray for the black man if they're gonNA if they start accusing people without proof. That's not gonNA work out for the low it all runs downstream so again. To women, I say. All yes, you say, believe on women, but then as they'll. EUBANKS says she fucked Dave three weeks ago. Not, her I, know and you're on your eyes a little bit, but like I, don't know. I'm not rolling my eyes. Okay, all right. You're rolling resilience banks maybe. Maybe I'm listening. and. and. So like you know. So. That's the choice I make. So the choice I make is watch a friend. Get stumped. Or more at watch a friend. Get stopped and live up to a principle of innocent until proven guilty. or Turn my back on women. Flip a coin, everybody. 'CAUSE I. Don't 'cause I don't Wanna be either. Do you know what I? Mean like I? Don't WanNa do either. In that instance I guess I. Turn My back on women. What I've come to in the in the yeah go ahead, I was just thinking like. Is there. Is there a way you do that where you don't? were, you aren't involved. Like you aren't publicly involved in the twitter aspect of it. Is there a way to just I? Don't know, just say okay. Cool. That's what I'm going to do. I'm maybe not post about it, but say to yourself without anybody watching. You know what I'm not gonNA. Say anything against my friend Chris until I see. Concrete evidence that I'm convinced of and then if that happens, then I'll donate, but do none of it publicly. But what difference I had this argument, my friend Danielle. What's the difference between that and like the crime stoppers? Meaning when know what's the difference between, because there's all these another old.

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