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Do we need to go to forty five thousand feet and get above the water vapor and their atmosphere done that we need to go fly it somewhere over the middle of the pacific ocean and observe you know one plan getting in between us and a star done we can do that it's this flexibility of you know it's taking those constants one is a constant of a telescope well it's stuck to the ground well not anymore nasa convicts that we'll get a seven forty seven and cut a hole out of the side i can tell you sit there in the cockpit with the pilots and and the first time i was there he the copilot turned around and said did you feel anything what are you talking about so we just opened the door we been to door to a gaping hole in the side of a plane and you do not feel a thing at forty five thousand feet is amazing well that's the crazy thing that i from chatting with people about this is like the land based telescopes you have that space based telescopes in they're all gathering information but suffice fits in this knick thing where it's mobile but it's not only just like you can move all over the world and fly but it's also like you get to land and people make up keep it in switch out instruments and one of the really special things about sophia and i think people would like to know more so in space we have entrance on our space telescopes but so fia has instruments and you know we can change those out a great point and that's one of the fun things about the program is when you when you start the work to do a space based system you have to at some point say okay we have to lock down the development we have to make a decision and say we're flying this we're not going to change us anymore so fee fits in this cool area where we're able to say okay well we have in flying this but there's this guy named harvey moseley and he's got this really cool idea why don't we go talk to harvey in the team and see what they can do that they can make something new for us so we had we have a set of instruments we can switch them out we can.

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