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And let's start with this season. So I asked on a scale from one to eleven rate rupaul drag race season eleven with the worst being one and the best being eleven branch, where would you rank where would you rate this season on the scale from one to eleven I would give it a solid for. I really would. I think there were some great points in the isn't. There were some Greek character in the season. But the show is suffering from its own success at this point, it is getting too wrapped up in the narrative and what's supposed to happen. It doesn't feel like a real competition anymore. I do feel like the show in some ways has jumped the shark. I wish it would come back. I radically my other favorite show survivor. I also feel like has jumped the shark. So these are two shows that really need to go back to the bread and butter of why people love them in the first place. We don't like things that feel rigged or that feel preordained. We like things the way we like them don't it's a great game. The game became great on television because people like it Jones, screw it up rupaul. And so, I was I was channeling my anger for Jeff Probst from. Yes, I do feel like that. The show is suffered from its own success, because it's so worried about well what's definitely gonna look like. What's the story going to look like that things just can't play out naturally? I haven't gotten Gupte ineffectually or I'm sorry, any in a season since I don't know when I wasn't Gupta over the camera or camera Michaels. The double shontae of the season. EV oddly in Brooklyn. I was Gupta over the lip sync. But I wasn't Gupte that they both stayed it that whole thing felt rig because as I said, on the next step Assode, they needed eight people on. So how you gonna have people if you're supposed to be eliminating someone in the previous episode. Hello, so, yeah, it's a four for me. And I can't really go much higher. Okay. So I was really trying to somehow decouple like the production -ness of it, all with the actual content from the how clear you I know I know. Well, that's why I gave it a five because. Because the thing is is that I love to queens this has been the first time that I've really fallen in love with a Queen Indiana's a girl. I loved her. I'm really happy with the winner, I liked Brooke. I even liked area sake. I you know, I thought curia even though she was being like real salty in the end, I still appreciate it her being on the show. So there was so much of the cast, I love Vanja was back, which was so great, and that I was trying to, like set aside from actual production nece. And so I was really torn on how I appreciated the season just because of all of the registry is the only thing that I can think about, but that's not related to the queens. So I guess if I like mash altogether, I would give it up five so I'm probably the highest on it out of all of us. I gave it a seven because let's talk about the good. It's your twenty on God. This cast is amazing. Feels like every member, this cast either is undeniably talented in some way, shape or form was hell of dramatic and make for good television or like provides the Mercedes Eamonn diamond provides means in the form of oppa lands, or is like the condom on trees hunting Davenport is like, good eye candy. I honestly feel like this is one of those seasons of reality TV where each and every person brought something to table, the first boot in soju, like became a whole running joke throughout the course of the season for a second season in a row. I really loved all these people's different stories where they came from the aesthetics that they represented. I feel like that bore out in a lot of the challenges as well. We're gonna talk about our favorite and least favorite challenges, but they tried some new stuff, which I was really happy about, you know, when we did go back to, you know, more design challenges, it's really do feel like a season three type of season where there were a good amount of design challenges mixed in with a lot of individualistic, comedic performance challenges and look..

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