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Or are you feeling concerned healthy but I'm concerned because I am allergic to amoxicillin amoxicillin, penicillin and tetracycline. That's, that's another serious issue is people who have who have allergic reactions to some of these antibiotics. What, what is your specific question that you have here? Our work with copies all day. So I was worried what's the worst pathogen I could be exposing myself to on the copiers your copy machines? Is that what you mean me, like pressing the same button, ZIM, working the same machinery that another people do, and they might be infected and people take pictures centers? So we get copiers from hospitals and other places. And so we're opening them up to the internals, and the, the heated products that are inside the copiers as well. Okay. Got it. Well, Chris, it's great question, and I can understand why it'd be concerned because I personally try to avoid hospitals at all costs. That's not where I wanna go when I'm sick guys working for I know. And, and that's why it's a great question you have to protect yourself, but the good news is that most of the bacteria that you might be worried about aren't going to survive that process of transport from the hospital to your lab in, in any sort of environmental condition. But having said that are you a pretty healthy guy? Yes, I'm very holding then than I would chill out. And just enjoy your job because you have a micro bio of your own. That's powerful. And that's in part, what's keeping you healthy. It's also making you smarter and it's making you less depressed but those are other issues for another show. Bill. Cable have. Yes. Oh, yes. Another show microbiome in your overall health and happiness, shook depression. And I mean the important and quick point is that this environment of bacteria in your body is actually doing a lot of beneficial things you. They're very good reasons why you don't want to just take a broad spectrum antibiotic and mow them all down, because that's, that's part of the healthy you that you're getting rid of that's right. And the viruses as well. We would we've been focusing on bacteria, but the viruses won't last that long on that equipment either. So keep forging ahead and making those hospital copiers Cirque, Chris, do you feel like you have to wipe everything down with alcohol or something like that? Only when we get one with blood on it. Oh my goodness. Well, okay. Now, I'm going to take a step back. I didn't know that. But you step forward. Pay were covered with blood. Okay. I would talk to your. Let's see is the supervisor let's just say he's in charge, which as I would tell the hospitals to clean them before they send them to you. I mean, come on. That's just basic basic safety will time drivers. Sometimes drivers will cut themselves in transport. And I see. Okay. Okay. Well, Chris, you really, you really can rely on your micro by to keep you pretty safe and avoid into botox when you don't have to take them on, on another note, where do you get your micro-biology to start with? That's a great question. Chris. Good is microbiome. Well, if he was well, I don't know if we can go this way, but if he was born badgley, versus C-section. He got different Mike. You were c section. He's fine. Well, of course he's fine. But he's a healthy guy, but what we're now learning is that when you're born with a C section you don't gain the benefit of your mother's microbiome, that's passed onto you through. The birth canal. And so quite get over your skin infant, it just gets all over you. And you ingested. Jewison breastfeeding. I mean you get you get my vote if your mom is all smooch, Ian, cuddly, and so on, don't you get full of micro bio me, things, you, you do for sure. But it's those first few moments of life, that have a huge impact later will who gets in there. First and sets up house. So in, in a c section, what we're learning? Now is that quite often, you will have bacteria that are found in the hospital, rather than the bacteria found in your mum. Yeah. But does that affect your health long-term? It could now you've Chris's made it this far very healthy and graduates, light..

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