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I'm not even stepping on the court with people like that hill you know what the run the wron was good lv play well i can't i i really wanna talk trash about it oh the but i can't do it on four runs a bunch of old men i thank you for the of their no problem go you oh abessole men on the court the gun his men the room was good i'm gonna come onto one digits watch you secure sleek could almost sneaky guangzhou before community we were talking stuff ruutel who dare do can't even mold mesa slowly walk first bolers threeonthree all right so as half court one one last thing here mueller tweeting in and it's excellent points both by brian alvarez and dan garcia to game face who i was not happy about the trade of de angelo because he things magic's already blown it even though the offseason isn't here they both talk about how that deal was also part of the deal that land the kouchma so there you go wrong bus troops i'll witching with the dodgers i know i'm getting there for what was that it was at a baseball seattle what he was trying to look like dear john i was like trying to hit a pinata or something where he was but to say hey are you sir hey inaugurated the dodgers argue to the dodgers we were we got we got ta play with arsenal look for road with his alqaeda why hate those hard grimsby out there like we don't know which tough yeah you can't you have to switch everything after arcane which is why do you pay the big box and will appoint a moment stop yeah the he wanted to talks meg but he could because i got the book it's i mean i may come wondering michael had klay would when it when i moved with a move and there are fair yeah than 100 employees your sorry minamata but embarrassed muscle.

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