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And I feel very very fortunate because I I think those New Orleans folks, really got really took the chef there with I mean that that was a horribly miscall and that that most likely the game right there, and it's gonna be the saints. Now, I will give the Rams credit when the door opened they capitalized. And we saw what happens if you don't have the best kickers with the Chicago Bears recently in the playoffs. And boy, this Rams kicker. Aegis drilled these long field goals. And I mean, the Rams deserve credit to go to New Orleans and come back after being down early in the game and win the game. But I feel very very lucky to have the Rams in the Super Bowl to have a chance for my future book that because I I honestly think that you know, without bad. Officiating? It would have been the New Orleans Saints in the super that's a shame. I mean when when a call, you know in an important game like that really affects the outcome. Like that to me. So and like you say, Steve, I people just talked about racing and how you know, we have the controversies with the stewards and so forth, but you would think that we could have a weekend of to football NFL games and not have much controversy. But there were sure plenty of controversial calls. We'll put it that way. And and I really chuckled. You know, you were talking about megahertz who is one of my favorites. I mean, she was a huge fan favorite here in southern California. I mean, people just loved her. And you know, it's not hard to understand. Why here's this little itty? Bitty them looked like she could take her to some little girl's birthday party for pony rides or something. And she. Would pack. This powerful stretch kick coming from way off the pace. And you know, she didn't put together any kind of a winning streak likes in yada. But she she and she wasn't didn't have obviously the big fan club that then yada head, but she had a pretty good southern California fan club. And it's nice to remember her with a race named in her honor. And it's nice to remember Bobby Frankel to quite honestly, because he's a guy that you know, I just loved being around. And he he was such a character and such a smart guy. I can't tell you how many times Bobby Frankel would tell me, you know, what I'm trying to get this Robbie obey run out here to California. And if he ever gets here, he's going to be the leading rider and by gosh, that's what would happen. I mean, Frankel was gruff and so forth. But boy he was. On target so often. I mean, he he was so sharp, and I just really admired the guy quite a bit and really got along with them pretty well and really miss him. I mean, I miss Charlie Wittingham last Barreira a lot to those three or three of the biggies that I really really miss. But that it hurts boy she was something special. Did you see the video that I the link I put up earlier now, I have not seen that. You're just listening to you describe it is kinda fun while you're in it. I mean, you're you'll your featured. Oh, you're kidding. I didn't know that. Oh, what you didn't see the picture yet that I if you log on Twitter after the show, there's a there's a funny picture of you. I snapped it off of this great. Well, you'll see why though it's it it. It just so happens is I tried to capture it that. You'll see Alex Elise has got his. The sleep of his jacket over his over his eyes. It's kind of funny. You'll see why it's great. But you look great. And it was after the I'm gonna say. It's got highlights this videos got it's a twelve minute feature. At basically, it's called the story of megahertz. There's really no there's really no major voiceover..

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