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Yeah. Or from like little league. Or something. Yeah, 21st round draft pick by the Astros in 2016 as a four year old. He went to big chuck, his grandfather told him he wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up and big chuck and little chuck were both there and around to see him make his debut. So that was just a wonderful story for multiple levels. And I blame everyone for not alerting me to this factory. Because you all know we don't talk about the red, so you have to inform you. You have to tell us stuff about the reds, you know? The newsworthy happens with the reds. You gotta let us know. Thank you. All right. And lastly, we get to the Colorado Rockies. And we really didn't get any suggestions for the rockies. Rocky's good rocky stories. It wasn't much out there. So fortunately, I saw a story that was very well timed published this week by MLB dot com that supplied me with a fun little rockies entry here. So this was published on boxing day by Sam dykstra and it was these 5 minor league systems improved most in 2022. So this was going by the preseason and end of season MLB pipeline, organizational rankings, which probably mirror other systems, other sites, and outlets, but the rockies were number one on this list because their pre season rank according to pipeline was 24th and their re rank at the end of the season was 9th. And so they made the biggest climb and the blurb mentioned that at the beginning of the season, they had only one top 100 prospect Zack veen, whom we have discussed. He is still at the top of the rockies list, but now they have Ezekiel tovar and adiel amador and drew Romo and tovar had a big season. He was known as a defensive shortstop and then he hit better at double-A and he actually made the majors toward the end of the season. Which we may have mentioned and then they drafted Gonzaga right hander Gabriel Hughes, tenth overall in the draft and so that gave them a good high ceiling pitcher to go with the other guys. So the rockies now at least according to pipeline have a top ten system after being almost about 5 system to start the year. So that's good. Congrats, rocky's that's a nice positive story. And the other teams that had the biggest improvements, the reds were second. The guardians and the cubs and the nationals. So other than the guardians, pretty uncompetitive teams, which is what you would expect, I guess, that those would be the teams making farm system gains. So the guardians, I mean, even more encouraging right that they had such a young team and then also in improving pharma system and they won the division, just but we'll get to that in the AL edition of this. But something to feel good about on the farm at least for rocky spins. I maintain that the most exciting thing was went in Bernard making the majors in 2020 two, but I've already made my case for that in a major major league. Yep. So, you know, what are you gonna do? All right, well that concludes that exercise, or at least the NL edition, and we will wrap up with the AL teams later in the week. And I'll just give you the past blast. This is episode 1947. Big year in baseball history. And this past blast comes from Jacob ranky sabers director of editorial content and chair of the black Sox scandal research committee, and he writes 1947 and then there were two. For nearly two years after the Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson in 1945, Brooklyn was the only AL or NL team that seemed to show much interest in signing black players. Before Robinson made his historic debut in 1947, the Dodgers also went out and signed future Hall of Famer Roy campanella and star pitcher Don newcombe, along with several other Negro leagues veterans, but no other teams followed brand tricky's lead, the Dodgers also might have added a third Hall of Famer to their roster in Larry doby, who instead became the first black player in American League history when he made his debut with Cleveland on July 5th, 1947, one week later, on July 12th, 1947, Wendell Smith of the Pittsburgh courier wrote about how close the Dodgers came to signing Adobe. Quote, if Cleveland had waited a little longer, they would have missed getting Larry dobrik's signature on a contract. At the time, Cleveland grabbed the hard hitting second basement of the Newark eagles, the Brooklyn Dodgers were trailing him night and day, although doby did not know it himself, the Dodgers had a scout eyeing him in every game he had played for the past three weeks. It could be that Cleveland knew the Dodgers were hounding the Negro second basement and stole a march on them by snatching him from right under branch Ricky's nose. The Dodgers planned to sign Adobe and send him to Montreal on the Dodgers last trip to Chicago Ricky dispatched a wire to his Brooklyn office and ordered his scouts to quote get back on dobie's trail and also to start negotiating with mister and misses Abe Manley, owners of the Newark team for his contract. Bill Veck, the liberal and personable owner of Cleveland has been interested in a Negro player ever since he purchased the club. He first heard of dobes winter when Bill nunn, managing editor of the Pittsburgh courier, went to Cleveland and discussed the entire idea with him. At the time, vec assured none that he wouldn't hesitate to sign any grow player if he were good enough to make the grade, none saying the praises of dobe and urged vec to look the kid over real good and of course he did and signed Toby and dobie went on to his own great Hall of Fame career, although he struggled initially and there was an instant with the former effectively wild guess the late Eddie Robinson, who was initially upset that he had lost his job to Adobe and felt he had been told something different and guaranteed job security, but eventually dopey became a regular in solidified his spot on the rest of the following season and went on to a great career. Jacob concludes doby didn't see much playing time in 1947, but he switched to center field and emerged as a star in 48, helping Cleveland win its most recent World Series championship. He played 13 more seasons and was elected to the hall in 1998. Meanwhile, the St. Louis browns became the third ale or NL team to field black players in 1947 when they signed Hank Thompson and future Hall of Famer Willard Brown from the Kansas City monarchs in mid July, although that didn't go quite as well because they hadn't really laid the groundwork for that. That the Dodgers and other teams did. Anyway, the Dodgers could have had campanella Robinson and dopey. I guess it's for the best that those players were spread around a little bit more and that other teams got in on the action. However belatedly. Yep. All right, update on the wire's new bar pepper grinder. This product at fan

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