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Want to ask you this could you brought up a good point it isn't mages fall that he was drafted before my homes or Watson but like I I I will never let that go and I'll always sort of while in people get after me they're like so we let it go and I can't I just can't tell me the truth when you're watching patriots and Houston on national TV and you see Watson strumming the guitar way who did they play this year this week Houston weather yeah they when Houston when he's strumming the guitar he throws one pass it was perfect but the guy drops it in the very next pass he throws for another touchdown are you thinking about that draft were you able to separate us I am okay so I'm not able to separate a Mabel do something different the Chicago Bears you're never gonna have a franchise quarterback is yeah we're never going to have the guy so like I said if we drafted to Sean walking he probably get hit by a bus walking across the street your remaining probably be doing the hit with you guys in the speech street studios and get hit by a bus and that would be it because that's good that is what I like is in the cards in the destiny in fate for the Chicago Bears so I don't really know you name yeah I'm running Lee would be a pace bus yeah right play that game I don't it's got jokes today he does it all right here this wasn't big cat this is the reason why I scoffed at the concept of Tom Brady coming to town at any point because of all the places that could ruin him just history tells us that Tom Brady with growing yeah it wouldn't work it would work in this in this is this this twenty minute segment right now this is a great case study for how a professional sports team can help the economy because of this is the sharpest we've ever been look what the bears can do when they give us a little glimmer of light yeah it's exactly right it is okay there's there's no doubt now listen they could actually god forbid they lose tomorrow night if you could still be alive I mean Danny don's could still be roaming the sidelines feeling good about things because you're not going to be officially eliminated from postseason play our already read meltdown I think he's yeah it also lacks now I'm gonna I'm gonna say mean things to anyone sitting around me it's going to be awfully cell yeah I'm not I'm I have a I have a point because then if you got a win out and you also need a point to help they got a win tomorrow tomorrow with it what would it look what we I have to grow my Sylvie has somehow some way as he normally does has has fashion something that I have to grow a mustache if the bears are on the table and get to the post season so they've got to do both big cat then I have to grow a mustache from the start of the playoffs through my Superbowl party on Superbowl shaving it at the party yeah now okay yeah I like that and this is one of those things go what one a day a day the I. some students are sort of piggy back yeah well this is this is dangerous as we get big cat yeah that's right by the way Mike Rabal just as an aside he's got his own piggy back we're all yeah thank you yeah hot the Titans rock Danny's got a gray mustache you've got a great mother didn't appear back though because while you're you're like a better looking guy that everyone so if you've grown also that you're probably going to take a look like Burt Reynolds in his prime he's got a wispy mass yeah it's like it's it's like a it's it it it could not even compete with one his mustache and the color of my mustache is going to be is going to be bad as well so I'm going to have a less full mustache and a worst color mustache then one if in fact they get to the postseason Melfi you're going to be like all I look so bad and then you look like a G. Q. model all the time you know we wish someone come to pursue any is like I feel so fast and I'm looking around like really really by the way a couple of random things because we talk so much bears are you are you going after Sox fans right now with them down about Zack Wheeler you okay like are you being nice to guys like white Sox Steven everyone like that on the night I actually think that I mean that's a lot of money for Zack Wheeler is it not I know the White I know like talk to trying to you know put together a playoff push this year this is the kind of all is the first of what should be a few years in a row where they're all in so to speak but I think that's one of those ones that you should be happy if you're white Sox fan the doc will didn't you know that a lot of money that's what I said like if you're going to spend money given for Strasbourg like I know it's going to be twice the money or whatever not even probably not twice but your call will certainly be two and a half times as much but if I'm gonna spend why have facet right in in napa contract like we were we were joking the other day about how we don't even realize free agency started in baseball because it the the norm has been created to assigned to or early February late January Zack Wheeler signing this early means that he was like I gotta take this deal now because that's the best I'm gonna get so I I think you've you're white Sox fan you're fine not you know showing out all that money to guy who isn't if you put a big money you want a guy who's going to be your ace is gonna be your water you're too yeah and then what about the the bulls are the balls back stuff I wanna thank you mom Sacramento I I have the new iPhone so my pictures that I can take of Jim Boylen head are absolutely how may I may have had so big and I just no they're not back whatever I don't know I can't there's mode I can't get the press about the polls right now is there any man any chance based on on on how big this game is for you that you come to town and and watch this game live tomorrow tomorrow night yeah no I can't get I kick your they're more likely to show night but if if we win tomorrow night then yeah maybe maybe we're made her try to get some games down the stretch here I would say so show up for the Kansas city get short with him pretty game maybe go maybe go store Minnesota and take that city and yeah.

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