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Lateral move to great yet to. Nine eleven minutes. Killed as parts. I wanna make a lot of remove in in a public restroom if there's like multiple stalls so at an airport or something do you? When you if you poop, do you flush the toilet? And then poop so that masks, it do you cough. Do you do now that on free for all this is event huddling if your people in the next because I hear all a cacophony of like pet sounds in there, some people call poops, they think you can't hear it some people flush go in immediately flush poop, so that you just hear flushing instead of Nell? And I I don't care what side. While I put in a public bathroom, but it's Kurt Assi flush. Okay. Yeah. It's that's more about the okay? Trying to mask any pets. Did you mean actual animal noises, or the beach boys beach boys, I will say that if I'm in a public restroom, and I have to shit I will self conscious about like the sound that that's going to make. So I will headphones, and if I put in I'm listening to I hear it. I don't give shit. What's happening? Go hog wild. You don't do that in women's restrooms? We just listened to selene Dion and here. Always in couch in a public restroom. You should like fake a really important phone call. I don't care. You just do what you have to do. So much business. All the who's that guy insider trading. So there's. In women's restroom Russian? There's no sound should've kit. There's no. Silencers great ship. But that's a Turkey. I'll be with friends. Sure at the exact same got. I mean girls poop too, which is another t-shirt now. Okay. Okay. But we should invest the money in that let me another kind of lateral question on this though, if you're in a situation where someone like your significant other is taking a shower, and it's one bathroom. Maybe it's a hotel. They're taking a shower, and you really have to shit like it's an emergency. Are you holding it or are you going in while they're in the shower and shitting move if it's a hotel, I might go to the lobby because there's a. Forgot about that. If it's tight your house or cabin. Then I'll do it. I'll have to do it. You gotta do what am I going to do take a shit in ziplock freeze it so that she doesn't find out and you'll find it like what does that? Is to get you put in the free. Yeah. Like wiser shitting the bat. Yeah. She wants the freezer. What is this? It's like, oh, it's brownie batter. It's going to surprise if your birthday a little nibble really wanna taste it. It's a surprise. She throws it away. Nothing. Mine was talking about like we were talking about growing up in the mid west. I guess somebody was like, you know, when you take your shit stick. And you you break up like a big Pook to make sure it flushes in everyone in the room was like what like, you know, every family has like shit. Stick was a stick. You keep in the bathroom closet to break up. Big poop, so they flush or like now like, no shit. Stay and this kid he grew up with shits too. Yeah. And he thought it was like a mid west thing and every so he's like very confidently in the room, but we've all been there. And everyone's like, no, you're disgusting. Yeah. Fun insult for someone calling the Michelle. That's good. I wouldn't even break up. My stick my shit. We the shits. All right. Do we do? We do we answer. This question at all my overreacting or should. I just man up and leave a snail trail. So as he over-reacting or should he man overacting respect his boundaries? It's about trust. It's about wanting some privacy. It's beautiful. This be part of a larger conversation that we should have that we should all have trust that he wants his privacy. And there's a reason he wants to keep it behind closed doors. Yeah. So take that John Patrick Cohen's girlfriend. All right sweet. We are at a time. Thank you so much for flying L A just to do the show. Disneyland trip out of it. So can we get? Talk offline. That.

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