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Are never worried about rethinking. We have guards around all the time When you are in my interrogation move, we had them. shackled to adult dead bolt in the floor, and they were her way, and I had panic buttons in my room. guards a right down the hall I. Never Hear My Life Never. So curiosity then was the I'm GonNa Guess they came off is relatively normal. Yeah literally became I'm sitting across from another human being now. The human being is drastically different in many ways with ideologies with You know their view against the Westerners, but and you come down to it. It's just another human. True and well, we have fun. I have friends who will refer to them as fundamentalists and I think that's such a good term because we have fundamentalists to. And people who are very much into Abraham MC religions and strong have strong strong feelings so. be it sort of makes sense, and ironically I could see where you're being a lie. Detector would be very effective because the fundamentals mentality would want to be truthful. Maybe being yes, or no, I tell you what I did. Stay stairway from I avoided any type of discussion about religion or politics, because I'm not going to change people thus like the number. I I can't change your beliefs, nor do I want to have your beliefs your what your you know, your human, you can have that, but what I pastor, and what I will get is the truth I want to know when the next attack is common to know why you did what you did for your. Your will leagues. That's what I do WanNa. Know so if I can get you choke point where I've sounds that record gains your trust already, and you open up are talking to me about those things then we're good, but when it comes down to it, you can keep your beliefs because right now. You're in prison and we're not going to allow you to her anymore. Americans or anybody for that matter, even fellow Muslims so I think when you crunched to people often times want to challenge Seems crazy and we're like well. Why would you believe that you know? Don't you realize you're killing innocent people? You can't win that battle. You cannot use people,.

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