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Rewrite it after this. Wasn't that Shang song? Was that Chang song? I think so. Chang song is looking young. Oh, I'm liking the blue accents on the dragon there. It's in our blood. September 9th. September 19th. There's a lot of pre order to get Shang tsung. And beta access. Oh, I'm surprised for how much Chang song is in the trailer. It's not he's not like a straight up character. You gotta make that idea. How you feel it's pretty damn cool. Yeah. You know, I mean, we keep talking about this new age of fighting games, Street Fighter 6. We have tech and 8 on the way, but now boom. We have Mortal Kombat come in this year, September, feels right. I think that's a good enough gap away from a Street Fighter being in early June. And on top of that, Mortal Kombat is kind of at a different area as well, especially because people like me love the nether realm single player stuff so much. And from what I'm seeing here, this is kind of what I was saying last week. I'm looking forward to. A little bit simpler of a story, kind of like less time traveling and less kind of like, everything in the kitchen sink, this seems a little bit more paired down. We're not getting too many characters. Granted, this is the first CG trailer. But from the vibe of this, this seems very story narrative focused and I'm in. It seems paired back and simple in a way that I like. And I'm with you that I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about how much the time stuff was going to play into this game because that was a big factor of the last game. When you build in a lot of time travel stuff, things can get really convoluted and really weird and suddenly everything starts to mean nothing because cool time travel is coming in and rearranging everything. This seems like it's a bit more straightforward and I know we got we got some comments on time in the beginning of the trailer and they're like a few illusions to that. But it seems like that might not be what this game is revolving around and the way that the last Mortal Kombat is revolved around it. I think what's interesting here is that them calling it Mortal Kombat one implies reboot, but it feels like more of a sequel. Well, that's the thing is I feel like this is kind of like a semi ultimate comic situation where it is a reboot, but it's also just like in the same. It is part of the multiverse, whatever. This seems to be like a new universe that I'm a little, I don't remember, I'm hazy on some of the lore of where the last DLC stuff ended, but fun king. Fire gun. The blue king at the end of aftermath, he was basically reshaping the timeline because I mentioned this is him the new timeline. Yeah, 1000 total combat one timeline, whatever. So yeah, because of that, I imagine that's kind of just the setup to keep it in line with the rest of them. But then I don't think they're going to touch on that much throughout the story. Maybe at the end of it post credit teas or something. Well that's back to it. I'm down for the interesting thing is that yeah, so more combat 11, the proper game ended with chronicle was erasing the timeline up into up until the point of the game because she wanted to reshape the timeline. It's always, you know? Smoking on that kronika. But fire God Liu Kang comes through the sun king. Sunk. Not far off. But yeah, it comes through, defeats her. And then I think depending on how you end it, it's like it's you raiden and katana that are reshaping time and recreating the timeline in a proper way. But then aftermath happens, Shang tsung and I think right in a fujin come through and then that begins that question and then at the end of that game, of course, you have to fight Shang tsung. Or actually something you fight Liu Kang depending on which side you choose. But I assume the canon, the canon is going to be as Liu Kang, you defeat Shang tsung and then the cutscene that plays after is Liu Kang creating this new timeline, but then you cut to this martial arts school and what looks more like Mortal Kombat one. It has more of the vibes and more combat one. And it's people doing martial arts and then you transition into a room with Kung Lao and this is Kung Lao chilling and then fire got a Liu Kang shows up and it's like I've chosen you as my champion and that's pretty much where it cuts. And so you imagine that that's what this story is going to be. It's going to be the God Liu Kang training up Kung Lao or at least having Kung Lao represent him, probably represent earth, I guess. Different factions here, even the way the trailer was set up of multiple characters in different groups. And they even tease the whole thing of like, will you fight against each other or fight together and then it kind of seems like at the end the VO at least kind of was like, no, we're gonna fucking fight. But I do think it's interesting to separate the characters in that fashion. And I feel like that makes sense from a NetherRealm campaign perspective where they normally do that. Bouncing between a couple different storylines and you have different fights from different perspectives. Yeah. It's super interesting that the characters that we're seeing so far are all classic Mortal Kombat characters. We're not seeing the combat kids come through. There's no Takeda or Kung Lao's cousin and then what's his name? Johnny cage's kid and then Jax's kid. We're not Jackie Briggs we're not seeing them pop up in this trailer, which makes me wonder if we see them pop up. I saw somebody mention on Twitter on trying to remember, I think it might have been ash parish from the verge who mentioned, what if those characters come through because they show up and they're like, hey, we got to get rid of this timeline because we want to exist. We're fighting for our existence. And so now you have the timeline clashing again. Again, I think that would be convoluted. I'm fine with those characters not coming back. At least in proper game, bring them back as DLC if you want to. But yeah, I like that we're getting back to basics. I like that we're getting back to Mortal Kombat one, two, three roster. Get roster for sure. Interesting in the chat, people are bringing up that on the website. There's more info saying that it's an assist fighter. So that's why actually when I want to get into. So Ryan dinsdale at IGN has this article breaking down the Mortal Kombat announcement and it reads like this. Warner Brothers games and other realm studios have officially revealed that a rebooted Mortal Kombat one will arrive on September 19th for PS5, Xbox Series X, switch and PC. Following an earnings call, earlier this year, Warner Brothers discovery and other realm announced Mortal Kombat one officially on its website and released a reveal trailer. Mortal Kombat one is the latest title in the acclaimed moral Kombat franchise developed by NetherRealm. The reads the post on the website. Quote, the game will introduce a reborn Mortal Kombat universe that has been created by fire God Liu Kang, featuring reimagined versions of iconic characters as they've never been seen before. Along with a new fighting system, game modes, bone crushing finishing moves and more. These characters so far include Liu Kang, scorpion, sub zero, raiden, Kung Lao, katana, Molina, Shang tsung, Johnny cage, and many more. Now the Rome has confirmed these characters to feature in a new story mode, but is yet to reveal which other game modes will feature in Mortal Kombat one. Pre ordering a 100

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