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Seat. Bill Rakoff CBS news, Washington. Tens of thousands of teachers in the nation's second largest school district. You're out on strike CBS's. Steve Futterman reports the nation's second largest school district pretty much pain to a hold the first teacher striking in thirty years. Albatross Caputo Pearl heads the teacher's union. UT LA striking for you. Let's give it up for our students. Wages are a key issue. But teachers also want lower classroom size on the picket line. This teacher became emotional. Just really feel bad for the students fee. Futterman. CBS news, Los Angeles. We're learning. More about the ordeal of the thirteen year old Wisconsin girl who was kidnapped. After her parents were killed Jamie claw spent three months captive in a remote cabin until she escaped last week. CBS? Jamie Yuccas has more complaints. As Jamie was forced to hide. Under Paterson's bed. He used storage bins full of weights to keep her boxed in and threatened bad. Things would happen if she tried to escape, but that's exactly what she did on Thursday after Patterson left, the home Jimi pushed her way out put on a pair of shoes on the wrong feet and left the house charged with two counts of first degree murder and kidnapping 21-year-old. J Patterson is being held on five million dollars bail. Another democrat is tossing a hat into the ring for the twenty twenty presidential race CBS's. Ed O'Keefe Senator Kirsten gillibrand the juniors democratic Senator from New York is expected to announce plans to form a presidential exploratory committee on Tuesdays late show with Stephen Colbert person familiar with her planning says that she'll make the announcement on the late night show. The Pentagon says the military will extend the mission to support security at the US Mexico border through the end of September on Wall Street. The Dow fell eighty six points today..

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