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So we're going to close in quickly here to the coastline as we go throughout the overnight hours and into the morning, we're only about three hundred eighty five miles away now from willing to now the all important, Pat. If you were with us early this morning, the path shifted considerably to the south brought South Carolina into play, took Virginia out. Now the path is kind of leveling out and notice it's not snow stalling as much. We're taking it now. Looks like a guaranteed landfall near Wilmington. We were thinking could go like this, like the European model had it, and then cut paralleling the coastline that's looking more and more unlikely at this point. So the Hurricane Center does have it weakening over the top of Wilmington. That would be about eight AM. So sunrise come Friday morning. The eye of the storm could be right over the top of Wilmington, and then it weakens ever so slowly as it drifts down across the South Carolina, North Carolina border. So what does this mean for the worst wind damage? And what does this mean for the worst storm surge, it's all to the right of this landfall center. So if it goes right into Wilmington, if you're familiar with Oslo county the marine base their Camp Lejeune. That's one of the areas that could be right through the eye all the way up north topsil beach, the morale area morehead city Atlantic beak, Ocracoke Island. That's all this peer. The Carter county area that could be in the northern. I for numerous hours as we go throughout tomorrow evening. That's where the worst destruction and damage will be storm. Surge and win. And then as the storm continues, then we'll start the deal with other problems like rainfall. So here's the rainfall forecast isolated total up to forty inches. You do not need a category, four or five to have a devastating flood event. You can get that with tropical storms if it stalls out long enough. So it's really this area from Kingston to newborn familiar with that area. That's where the news river spills into the panico sound. And when the wind is piling up into here up into the sound at the same time, the all this water is trying to go out. We could see flooding Brian that is worse in areas like river band in the Trenton area in Newburn up to Kingston than we do even at the coast because this water is going to pile in the sounds as the same time, we're getting feet of rain coming from the sky, all that water meets in the middle. It's going to be a very interesting storm is a lot of dynamics in play with it. We had a lot of changes today. We'll see what happens overnight into tomorrow morning before we really nail this thing down. Start talking about forty inches of rain that gets people's attention. Bill Cairns will come back to you for an update during the broadcast, sadly. Virtually all as you just heard of those spaghetti strands of computer model, predictions of the path of this storm pass right over Wilmington, North Carolina. That means that the man joining us live tonight from there has a lot on his mind. We welcome the mayor of Wilmington, Bill, Sappho, Mr Mayor. Let me I know you're not amateurs there. I know this is not your first rodeo, and if any community knows how to handle hurricane, it's Wilmington North Carolina predict for me what it's going to be like, if you and I were carrying on this interview at this same time tomorrow night or maybe Saturday morning from the marina where you are right now. We're going to see a lot of down power lines..

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