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That's deep, and that's trouble. But do Cameron on the run that's by him. He'll filled it on one hop in front of the warning track turns and gets it into Perretta sort of third won't be in time, and Lars Newt barred with his first major league hit in the Cardinal fans. Applaud drills a triple to straight away center. With one out here in the third, and I'll tell you what if Center fielder do could not get it. Not many people are going to get it, but that ball was absolutely touch it wicked. He rushed I mean, he just looked like you put it another gear when he when he saw he had a chance to get a triple when he rounded second base, it was another gear. Cameron fielded it on one hop with his back to home plate, got the ball in art, but New power is already on his way to third. Oh, man, he can pick him up and lay him down. That ball would go on the mantle also Infield inside home run now a triple first trip through the order against Matt Manning first pitch to Tommy Edmund fastball outside, so Matt Manning decides to go play baseball coach said. Hey, Want you to play said I'd like to hit Let me play outfield. The end. So this is his Sophomore year. And he closes a couple games. At the end, he said. Get on the mountain groundballs softly Fouled on the first base line, so Matt Manning gets on the mountain closes a few games as a sophomore. Starts to pitch a little bit more that summer. For Derrick Hills Dad? Mm hmm, who ran a high school team out of the Dodgers organization down in L. A. So he's making that trip down to Sacramento to play for Derek Hills, Dad. Really Jim. He didn't start pitching much until well into his junior year. 11 pitch low and away. So he's absolutely wrong. I said. When did people start showing up to start scouting here? He said. Well, It started to look at the end of my junior year, I started to pitch a little bit more, and I had a good fastball said Didn't really have anything else. You old high school curveball that you talk about big sweeper? Yeah, the big city. The 21. During the ground ball.

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