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With my podcast I have had so much fulfillment doing this podcast and I am so incredibly grateful for all of you. Who have tuned in joined in become a part of this community with me because something happened last year when I really started focusing on just having honest conversations with honest women and sometimes I'll throw some guys in here that that are a part of the same kind of conversation that we're having like real heartfelt soulful let's get to the nuts and both of life and if it makes sense for a guy to come on? I'm I'm definitely not going to exclude men but I have just loved getting to be with women and have these intimate deep conversations about their life now especially after being a mom like I wanNA know how people navigate. I WANNA know how you've navigated all the anxiety of being a mother. How Hi you've navigated having your career and being a mother how you've chosen to give up your career? How you navigate marriage how you navigate family life how you navigate insecurities overcoming them? Because now I'm thirty six years old. I'm like Dang it we all are grappling with some major insecurities and so forth issues. And let's not try to hide this. Let's talk about him because every single one of us as a woman is going through stuff and there's nothing to be ashamed about because all all of us are are dealing with something and let's just talk about it and be community and support each other trying to hide behind perfection. Image that let we thought we had to but now I feel like the village is being lifted into me that as I am so grateful for social media and outlets like my podcast in outlets where we can sit down and have real conversations because so many of us are using social media and joining in social media communities to be real and that is what I have found with. All of you is ever since I've started having these real honest conversations with women you guys is have started participating and I get so many messages in so many comments from y'all saying like oh my gosh I relate to this. Thank you for talking about this. This is what I'm going through you and that is my goal. I want us to not feel alone. I want every single one of us who are out there doing the best we can. Whether we're married not married looking for love can't can't find it feel unworthy raising children with a partner raising children on our own trying to figure out our career just struggling with all these big huge life questions feeling overcoming incidents that happened to us it makes us feel insecure or unlovable. Like all this stuff. We do not have to feel alone because when you listen to the stories of these women that I am talking with. They are sharing that. They have gone through this. They have been and through really hard times and it is not what defines us. Yes it is it it does define us. It took it. It is a these are huge moments in our lives that are defining thing but it doesn't have to be who we are. We can use them as lessons. We can use them as stepping stones. We can use them as our message to the world so many times times more often than not the pain that we have to go through is actually our message to the world if we can get on the other side of it but is up to us to take hold of that pain pain to take hold of that fear of exposing ourselves thinking that we won't be loved to realize that once you can talk about something once you can get on the other side of it and share your story the impact. You can have the amount of people that you can reach the healing that can be done is just exponential and so that is why I have loved dubbed having these honest conversations because the healing that is happening it heals me every time I have a conversation with one of these women and I know it it it oftentimes heels. I guess getting to just talk about stories. I've had so many times where I'm interviewing an amazing woman and they're like oh my gosh. I didn't even realize this was happening in my life. or Oh my gosh. I didn't even put that together. This is so healing and then I hear from you is like wow. That was such a healing story. That person really inspired me in. It is everything to me. It makes see feel like this is worth it like. This is like the work in life that I want to do because I love having conversations and I love having real intimate conversations and I'm I'm just so grateful that I have the access choctaw. These amazing women who are willing to share and then I have the access to you guys who are joining in and being a part part of this and it is just so overwhelming it feels I feel so much love and I hope that you guys feel the that love because that is the point of all this just to. I know that we are in this thing together. Let's stick together. Let's support each other. Let's not try to be perfect and let's not. Let's let's not be ashamed of we are. We can and just be proud of who we are. Let's see our stories. That is my goal so I appreciate you guys for that so I just want my podcast to keep impacting to keep growing to keep having amazing using guests on and I eventually want a goal for me myself at the end of this year. Is I want to take my podcast on a little podcast store. I don't know exactly where it doesn't. I don't want to start off huge but I would like to make it a show where I go to cities in have these conversations live live and actually I would love to hear your feedback. If you think that something that you'd be interested in doing because and have guests come with me and just have like awesome intimate conversations and inhabit like in a show type form. So that's the goal is to take my podcasts on the road this just a little bit at the end of this year. So let me know if if if that's something that you think that would be cool because I feel inclined to do that. I feel like that's my next step with this in growing it and then eventually I would love to who somehow turn get real into a book like have some sort of book that goes along with it whether I'm just focusing on stories of conversations. I've I've had weather I don't know maybe it's like I assess lessons. I've learned from doing these interviews and tournament chapters and use examples. I don't know exactly how the book would unfold. But that's a goal is to have a book that kind of just goes along with all these messages that keep coming out of this podcast So also any tips or ideas that you guys have on that share with me because I love you. All's input but that's a goal so taking my podcast on the road during a tour having a book And then I don't know what this will look like but I see everything is stemming from this podcast this podcast is that is the nuts and bolts of who I am and it's the messages that I want to get across. I just want it to have the as is big wife as it can get so one day I would love to see get real turned into some sort of like digital TV show or TV show or radio show or something. I don't know maybe it just stays the podcast. I'm not sure but I just see it growing in the reach like maybe we add a visual element to it somehow. So maybe that just means I make it like a talk show for a youtube channel. I don't know exactly what I see like a visual element joining get real and making it more interactive in that way where you can actually like participate with me and my guests visually and see us on my screen. So I mean I would love it to be some sort of TV thing. But I don't know I don't know how that is or even radio. I'm not sure or maybe we just keep it the podcast. I'm not sure but those are my goals for the podcast is just keep growing growing it. gone a little podcast tour and start preparing for a book to be in association with this podcast And then for my family. I just want to simplify I. I want to be present. I want to be completely Engaged in Sonny's life and Michael's life I I. I want to be able to participate with Michael on he. He's obviously you've been following me on. Oh He's a musician he travels and he has and exciting year with a new record and a new single and new music and new opportunities. And he's GonNa be chasing those which is so exciting and I love to be able to join him on that so not all the time. Because I don't WanNa leave sunny and we can't take her everywhere but I want to be able to go with him to certain events and be a part of that so so but I also just want to be present with my family and so that's another big goal I've chased and chase and chase for so long and I've gotten so involved with the community and I'll I was a person who was always going to everything all the time and now this is crazy. 'cause I've always been a yes person that this year twenty twenty is my year of. No I'm going to be no person this year which is crazy to thank. Because everyone's like say yesterday say yes it is and I've always been that person that says yes. Yes yes but now. I'm no no no because what I have. The joy that I have in my life is right in front of me right now. I have so great right for all those years where I've got to hustle and literally like do everything and have the freedom to do that but now at Sonny's here after my time Heim is so valuable to me there. I have so little free time because I'm I have the gift to be a hand mom because with my podcast I can make my own schedule will and work from home and I'm so thankful for that. I know a lot of people. Don't have that option and we all have to do it. We have to do But I think all of us have to figure figure out how to use the time that we do have wisely and for me. I don't want I want to be home with my family as much as possible and so I I'm saying no unless something is a hell. Yes my sister told me this she got it from someone. I don't I forgot who but I love this unless it is a hell. Yes then. It's a hell no for me this year and I'm excited about that. I'm excited about scaling. Back on being busy and more focus on purposeful living and to me the the three things that are really the only thing to spend my time on our my family. Which is Michael Sunny and the my extended family and obviously like close friends? I want to be there for my close friends. I WANNA be there for my family. I want to really pour into my podcast because that is very important to me. And it's such an outlet for my heart and I feel like it is very important work that I have been blessed with the ability to be the Vessel to to do and I want to keep pouring into that and then I want to be able to have adventure and experiences with Michael and honestly my that would go back to my number one family so really. It's just two things focus on family and building a life in adventure an adventure full. That's not a word an adventurous life life. That is Really focused and intentional. I want to focus on that. And then I want to focus on really having an intentional Being intentional with my podcast. So those are my goals. It's scaled-back this year for me Before I had tons of goals on there but now I just I really want to focus on what's right in front of me and I'm so thankful for what's right in front of me. I'm so blessed for it. I've prayed for all of this to happen. And it's it's all shown up for me at this point. I had seasons of life where I have been so lost and so confused and I had no idea or I was going. And if you're in one of those seasons right now and you're trying to like write a vision board or Creative Vision Board. I would just start really small. Just really get quiet and try to focus focus on what has brought you joy in your life like when you're doing something when you've done things in life is focused on the things that have brought you the most joy in your life life that could turn into your career or that argest heart fulfilling whether it's like okay when I spend time with this person and we did this. I had so much joy or when I was able to give back in this way I had so much joy and just write down where you have experienced France the most joy in your life and just keep focusing on where those areas are and write them down and write them down and write them down. And I'm telling can you. It will slowly materialize and you will find a way to have more of that in your life whether it be in a job form or whether it be extracurricular outside side of your job if you focus on where you have your joy and you really prioritize on like making time to have more of that joy it will keep showing up more in your.

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