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So I'm going to say today as you play Dj you're GonNa pick some music for for us all that this is probably right now the most traditional thing we're going to hear the tire show the most what I would think of as traditional Irishman Straightforward Irish music your album for the most part doesn't do that and that's sort of the beauty of why I love you so much is the way your songs on fold the owns and so forth that we're going to play a lot more of what is the sort of music that you hear others play the what is the sense of Irish music in the hands around where you living you got to hear groups and stuff what what are you hearing traditional like that or yeah kind of anything like this there's so much music in Dublin in general like from from a like a family we all play traditional tune so like you know like real jake's that kind of thing so I since I can remember would always go and like a play in sessions in pubs unlike lesson and stuff and that's that's kind of its own unseen that is now in the past couple years kind of expanding itself I to be more like encompassing also like kind of folk singing traditional singing you know that kind of world is well that's kind of evolving and they're becoming connected and then there's also like a really healthy like you know sort of any genre you can think of there'd be a healthy scene A and Ireland especially in Dublin City and how is Irish music if I- listeners re this stuff that you're hearing and twenty nineteen maybe different from what we just heard in bear creek core that traditional more traditional sessions Kinda music pick me something from your list maybe an example of what modern Irish music is like well I think maybe release O.`Neil would be a good person start with great and her record and the song titles called Pothole in the sky and so this is original song that Lisa roaches she's a brilliant songwriter but this is her second last album that you're going to hear the album off that is a mostly folk song says she kind of does like like a kind of a similar makes us where it's like folk songs on on like Kinda originals may be children slightly more towards originalist than we are but drawing on folk influences big time and her songwriting.

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