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And I loved her. But she in the comics was aged 19 for shield. Okay. And at the finale of hawkeye, he gets the watch that he'd been after the entire time. And he brings it home to his wife, and she flips the watch over and we see the shield symbol and the 19 so the implication is that Linda Cardellini, who's been my crush since freaks and geeks. I love her so much. Oh, yeah, yeah. She's the sister. She's like the star of the show. I love that show. She's also velma in the Scooby-Doo movie. Yeah, okay. I love it. Linda Cardellini, but the implication is that she was mockingbird, but her name, we don't ever hear her name as Bobby. I think it's Laura. In the movies and in the shows. But does it add anything? Yeah, a little bit. Does it take anything away? No, not really. So kingpin in the finale of hawkeye. He's wearing his white jacket, but he's got a red Hawaiian shirt. That outfit specifically is from a graphic novel called I think it's family matters. I don't quite remember. It was co written by James Robinson and Mark wade. And the art in it was from Gabriel del auto. I have that graphic novel at rainbow comics. Nice, 70th and a clock tower here in Lincoln Nebraska. But he's wearing the exact same outfit. His super duper cool. I love mince it did arios Wilson fisk. His intention was to play Wilson fisk, the same way he played him in the Netflix show. Daredevil, right? In daredevil. Yes. The impetus behind all of that is not necessarily the events of the Netflix show happened in the MCU. It hasn't been confirmed either way, but the idea that most like Kevin feige and company have passed around is the Netflix is basically part of the multiverse stuff where that stuff happened, but not in the MCU. And I'm fine with that. In the Netflix shows, we.

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