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Alarm fire in Auburn. The building on H Street has businesses on the bottom floor with apartments above. Crews say the building appears to be a total loss. No one was hurt. But 12 people did lose their homes. The Red Cross help them find another place to stay. Investigators now trying to figure out just how that fire started. Seattle's Office of Police Accountability has sustained form or allegations of improper use of force against officers during protests over the police killing of George Floyd Comas Marry NAM as the update In each of those cases, the okay found officers went against department policy and training by using tear gas or blast balls without being aware of their surroundings, causing them to hit people who were not posing a threat. One case involved. A reporter from MSNBC, who was hit during a live report. Open recommends a change in policy to ban officers from throwing blast balls, overhand or throwing them directly at someone unless they're trying to prevent imminent serious bodily harm. Oplc sustained a complaint over the use of tear gas, pepper spray and blast balls to disperse the crowd on June 1st. It found that police escalated the situation without being provoked by protesters and that the reason for breaking up the crowd was not proportional to the risk of injury or damage. The dispersal would cause that's comas Marry Nam. The attorney general's office is a woman who stole almost $7 million from the Pierce County Housing Authority pled guilty yesterday to wire fraud. The news Tribune says Covert Campbell put the money into her own accounts between March of 2016 in July of 2019 when she was working as the organization's finance director. And that plea agreement shows Campbell used the money to pay for land and land improvements in Oklahoma for home improvements in Lakewood, Washington and for travel, including trips to Las Vegas and the chartering of a private jet. U S Attorney's office says she also spent money on cars and gambling as well. Defense attorney Lance Hester says Campbell regrets what she has done. Lauren cult the Republican who lost a governor Jay Inslee, and a landslide back in November, ending his lawsuit that hope to invalidate the election attorney, Stephen Pigeons spoke in a video on cops Facebook page blaming the withdrawal on technicalities as a result. We're going to leave this battleground now. And instead bring our case for election reform to you and the court of public opinion, But pigeon faces punishment from the courts and the state bar for filing suits with false and unsubstantiated claims. He was given an ultimatum to withdraw the lawsuit by noon yesterday. Compass now changed his social media accounts to say former candidate for governor, but pigeon could still face disciplinary action. Sound transit will begin testing high speed trains today on the point defiance bypass for the first time since the deadly derailment near DuPont. Three years ago, Three people died. Dozens were heard after the train entered a curve going too fast on the route along I five Since then, new safety measures have been installed, including a new system to automatically slow down the train. Sound Transit says.

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