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Is the assent of mohammad bin soman known as nbs youngest son of the current king of saudi arabia who is monitored what is tantamount to an extraordinary bid for absolute power in saudi arabia in a way that is quite extraordinary with respect to uh how whether middle eastern leaders have behaved and certainly by saudi standards this young man if saudi arabia survives could well be king of the kingdom for fifty years that's an extraordinary fact and gives him a fair amount of time and space hopefully to grow into role and president trump weighed in on saudi arabia's king osama and the crown prince hamad bin salman for the purge of the princes and top officials were arrested and detained over the weekend the president tweeted i have great confidence in king solomon and the crown prince of saudi arabia they know exactly what they're doing some of those they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years what do you make of the us response there well what i make as if perhaps the most significant achievement of mbs and his father king soman has been to cast a spell over the trump administration administration it is banking heavily on saudi arabia not only to engage with it in an effort to contain and roll back iran but perhaps even to deliver on what may well be the end liberal which is the president's notion of an ultimate deal between israelis and palestinians have been forget the fact that tub enabling authoritarians is is is to the advantage of the united states which clearly is it this president has it invested heavily in a young man whose conduct abroad in yemen incutter uh and now i suspected members in lebanon uh is only going to increase it seems to me tensions and and in some respects we are far too closely associated with that with him and his policies were what are the risks to the us of being so closely associated there well first of all you've got the disastrous and protracted war in yemen which is all going on for several years a country that was already a failing state if not failed state terrible out break of cholera of significant famine and hunger and tremendous amount of civilian casualties caused by saudi air strikes which we are enabling both with respect.

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