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It's very thought provoking because some people don't like it, and then you get to talk about why didn't you like it and I would almost prefer to watch a movie where people either like it you have strong feelings about it one way or the other because that produces conversation rather than just well, you know. I really anything to talk about moves. Let's go watch something else now. Ninety minutes and That was. Right I think this film in particular I mean even when it came out, people were saying like Oh that's the one with that like fighting the Bagna right by like I, I wanna see it and I think. It's it's it has been a movie that has been controversially received in some people. You know really didn't like it or did really appreciate it but it there's a lot to talk about. So on that basis alone I would recommend it and it's it's definitely one of those. As you say, it's good that you caution people about those. There's elements, but it's it's much more than just the sort of relatively. Small number of. Rarely, shocking things is like just. The. This subtlety of the of the conversations and. Yeah just the way and like unlike I may have said this in the in the intro I, think with any movie. If your villain is kind of a worst, then your hero doesn't have anything to overcome and there are certainly circumstances in our own lives where we have to overcome something and it's kind of small, but it's still a victory but I think. Danger of this movie is very important to showing just how much it takes to overcome evil really in the world it's not like it's easy to jest, do the right thing it's difficult. It's difficult to overcome your own temptations to fitness or you know your own habitual actions of hurting other people or just thinking of thinking of yourself I, and so I think the danger which is manifests in many ways in this film through the violence but just that pulsing sense of danger and mystery. Is is crucial to understanding how hard the the goodness has to fight to. Take the top to conquer, and so I think it's meaningful in that regard. Absolutely. Thanks very much for joining me. It's been well. To get the insider's perspective as far as the acting is concerned. So that's a really appreciated that. Before you go is there anything you'd like to direct people towards into the things you are involved with sure I produced a short film that I wrote and starred in called Clarence, which is available on Youtube. You can watch it flees do I would love to to share that with people and the I'll have the link for you guys. Also, if you want to connect with me, I'm on twitter and instagram both at. Tall Cap and it's T. A. L. L.. K.. A. P. P. can also check out my IMDB page there as Lydia Cap Good Tila G. U. T. I l. l. a. and Yeah..

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