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Chased down. Kyle Busch over thirty laps or so with twenty to go got past him. It was like man this is. He pulled he's pulling he's pulling away totally awesome and we've got another guest that you set up for later on in the program. I mean yeah it's a fantasy guru you'll probably all recognize this guy is Rowdy Dragon. He St Perennial champion of Fantasy League. That seems pretty much every year. He spanks as all. Yeah so he has been gracious enough to come forward. I think he's introducing himself this week. We're hoping to get some fancy advice from him in weeks after this one. So yeah it'll be cool to have him kind of swing in and tell us all about fantasy racing and maybe help us out on our line a little bit because we need some help. You definitely need help carry. Oh there's no question Absolutely I think he's going to help us out but I don't think he's going to give away the farm. I mean he's he's got a system down that you know he's in the Lee all the time. Yeah if he could at least just give us one guy too for sure. Pick one guy too for sure not pick. I'd be okay with that. That would it be helpful. Yeah because I usually pick all of the ones that I shouldn't right so if you get one of those eliminated you'll know and the one week where I think I have a solid lineup and it turns out I did? It didn't hold. It didn't take. Was that a vegas now. I thought that was auto club because I had Jimmy Johnson in there. Because that would be the reason you didn't like Vegas. That was also no. I really like Auto Club. I think they should leave the surface alone for how much longer just forever. Just if there's chunks potholes whatever that's that's too bad and go around it. Bouncy who cares okay. It's already bouncy so it's true it is so we've another track this kind of worn out this weekend to by the way that'd be fun. Atlanta Motor speedway. Yeah we're going to talk about that too It seems we've got a full show. I don't know why we're messing around with With idle Chitchat. It's almost like we just don't care about the time limits anymore. You know what it is. It's like we. We were so used to this in the off season of just trying to get through a segment As best as possible. Now we're experts at it. Yeah and we're just super cash now right stopping us all right NASCAR. Cup series racing from Phoenix. Where the intense racing of two thousand twenty continued chase? Elliott was the pole sitter and he led a tunnel APPs. Brad Kozlowski also lead. And let's just say Brag Caskey lead Brad Keselowski get stuffed into the wall by Denny. Hamlin came back and led this thing a shot to win. That's crazy. Had part of his car gone. Yeah what was that like I when that happened? I said well these three are all done meeting Hamlin Kozlowski and Ryan Blaney Planning was done. Hamlin was not a competitor of the rest of the way for the win. Yep Brad Keselowski. I cannot believe how fast that car was that crash. That was weird. Actually there was. Someone should look into that. Let's break it down ten to one. Let's see how they did in Phoenix. William Byron number ten solid top ten. He kind of knew that I think tennis first top ten. Maybe second ever know this year. Oh I'm like what no I'm not the next guy next guy number nine since I ever top ten well. That's pretty solid. I've got him in the can and in the radio business. That means I have an interview ready and waiting. But we haven't heard it yet right. So Cole custer rookie of the year contender number nine. That's the best finish for rookie contender so far in this early season for races. In of course Tyler Radic was looking pretty good earlier in the race but and being quite at the finish deserved. Martin tricks juniors favorite driver of all time Eric. Merola number eight. What are the controversial moment? That was to man Eric. I'm roller keeps getting solid finishes test. What two straight top tens in a row for him you tell me you're the bad guy pretty sure it is and I can't remember yesterday. I know I know you can't remember much unless it's Jimmy related him here in the top ten. So don't care. Was there even a race? Yeah there there was a race Kerry. Yeah so Eric Emerald. Two straight top tens and Now on the Martin Junior Christmas card list. Yeah definitely not Kurt. Busch at number six. Clint Boyer number skipped the driver in this hour chance. Elliot I FORGOT. Yes missed him. We mentioned above top. We did he let a lot of absence thing. I think it was the race high by the way And had a loose wheel had to pit one lap down cut lap back worked his way back up but was never really contender for the win. After that but solid top ten still now see. That wouldn't happen if this was in the future. That's right he'd had the one leg and that'll be it and he'd be set so it's loose probably fall off for those eight. The Rule Change. They should be embracing it. Now since the sport's most driver was swarmed here with this this loose wheel he was thwarted. He was he was foiled. Tried to work that in. Kurt Busch six Boyer Five. Anything interesting from them. Glenn Boyer this is actually pretty good. I mean I don't know what you expected early in the season but I wasn't expecting many top five's out of out of the gate so now do never do from him. Well I'm just being honest. He talks a lot but that's about it. He does speak a lot of words Couple of Kyle's here on the list Larson at four Bush at three. Yeah there's a kyle. Something here going on. That's really cool. Kyle Larson by the way. This is his fourth straight top ten finish at Phoenix raceway..

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