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Never happens to adp wrestlers. Oh i'm sure. Anna has some creeps but none that severe but also there's the tenure behind it alexis been around for years so people get a time to build their creepy mental relationship with her whereas in a couple of years. Take conte's just up the ass. Is that what you're telling me. I really already beginning. 'cause like you could see the weight esp- like the People especially squared circle wrestling forums. Like that it's just like you get this weird creepy vibe when they try to complement any like any of their favorites Women's wrestlers and use like just slow down dude. It's also you what monkey i actually do. we'll get into chicago symphony. You liked it. What did she call you a symphony length it. I hope that's the name of her fan base like hulk hogan had the hulkamania mucky has the simp- on simps- she just sells insurance. That says i'm a for machi number one seller on pro wrestling tease. This makes me uncomfortable. Yes it does. I'm hopping into photoshop right now. We're going to make so much money now. All right we can move onto my many. He'll of the week before my big one because that is a that is related to something that happened with machi ito and the gym cornets in the bad corner again giuliani k. Shelter wondering week one. Jim bug me. I just this fucking tweet. Toyko toes gets another of his fetishes a job on tv while many talented pro wrestler said idle better. Brush up on being a deity She'll be seeing twenty on. Aew tv and machi. Two in reply said this all such a serb reminds me just health. Luck and weird. Japanese advertise against because this is the picture of her naked covered in chocolate. Saying i do you the of shit. This is just a fucking. I don't know how to feel about this. Because it's jim cornets trying to link insult her and her whole thing is being self deprecating. Y- also insulting people. It's like it's like you can't beat her. She's a millennial can't destroy her non-existent self esteem. There hasn't any jim you've done. You've been doing that for years. You're generation has already done that so bad we don't care anymore you pieces you. I hate myself so much that i can spread that. Hate to you all right. Let's get into my heel of the week and it's a it's one of those things that don't seem like a he'll until you see what could have happened and it serves. Ro not resigning with the wwe yet. Which in some manner is a baby. Face 'cause we could get claudio casting yolly on a e w puck. Yes but the reason. I hate it is because apparently they've been really building up shinsegei as a baby face and making a big deal out of shinsegei or at least up to the rumble and now shinsegae's just a baby face version of what shinsegei was. That spot was reserved for cicero. They wanted to build up a baby face. Zarro going up against daniel bryan heading into the rumble. And they were. They had massive plans for him but because they he hadn't resigned they just said fuck it do shinsegei instead. They're close enough and instead of going through with all the plans they had for zara they said noth- fuck it. We're just gonna put it on shinsegei and then get rid of it. I feel like we could have had another yes movement kofi media type thing if they had portrayed on tv as just haas baby face and we could have found a way the internet for could have found a way to trick them into giving us roman reigns vs zarro. I don't believe he would have won. But it would have at least launched him where he is to upper echelon amongst like kevin owens and daniel bryan and that's the thing about says ro specifically because he can do that in just like a literal fucking heartbeat anytime cicero. They just let him go while he can. He built so much fucking momentum he gets so many people have for so long wanted him to get that big push. I mean you remember when they let drew start talking genuinely and we're like oh. This guy's actually charismatic and fun to listen to that's what zara would be maybe not as charismatic as drew but still a goofy swiss guy who tells shitty dad jokes before saying i'm gonna kill my opponent. Good pan de dylan's disney princess song. Look into the future of new job. He could be in the g. One joe magic. Could you imagine ten straight matches of cesaro in new japan pro wrestling just putting on clinic after clinic and you imagined bizarro and okada ya sorrow in fucking kota. Bucci blake back in my seat. Eight to get the smelling salts can have to go get a change of pants who know every you need understand every time that somebody leaves. Wwe i like them like. Can you just put them in like i. I'm so terrible about that because it's like no don't just take the region it's not the regions of the company. It's all the people that you never used right that i would love to go somewhere where they'd be appreciated. Go before herald. Meiji took over. The previous guy was like it was like what three wrestlers like. Would you take. And he's like i only need to dolph ziggler and says ro. Yes take two americans. And i was just like ziegler's ziegler's resign themselves to just take money for forever but you could probably still gets zarko. Says are still has the eye of the tiger like goodness. He's still he still. Has that desire to be great since still has hope. God that makes me upset about zigal. 'cause i just remember what he was and who he is now and it makes me sad every.

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