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Yeah, there you go. I spent a lot of time in LA over the years to learn that one John is in the valley. What's up John? I'm afraid he was absolutely correct. This is not a racial or ethnic thing. This is about strategy. You get heads because that's how you play the game. If it was basketball, we'd call it trash talking. So like any player does those sort of things to pump themselves up? So you pump them down by cycling amount? I think it's just a matter of how games are played in all sports or even the things in life. How do you get advantages? How you disadvantages? Steve? Now, he's John John John there. I am. You know, they allow trash talking basketball. They Do. do. That's kind of the difference. What is that disrespectful? Is that insulting? They allow trash talking. Baseball happens all the time on. I mean, do they allow. Unwritten room the whole criminal games. Right. Exactly. I played the game and played semi pro ball in the yet happens all the time. You do things even in your own job, you'd think the psych someone up. Let me hold on. Hold on. I'm curious about your experience playing baseball. You said you play minor league baseball, right? So what would happen if a guy, I don't know, stare too long at a home run. What happened to me home and again, you, you do things you talk about retaliation versus psyching someone up? No, no, no, no. This to me if the guy hits a home run, he stands to play to admire the distance. That's trans. Talk. Let your doesn't attractive. That dot mind. That's not interactive. Well, it's part of the unwritten rules. Homerun, we will hit you because then you'll get retaliated. What happens if they were to bat flip will hit you again. Okay. You're talking about, you know, retaliation versus what you do in a game, two to psych someone up, recite them down. I think you're making. Okay. So you're allowed to be blatantly potentially disrespectful is what you're saying. Blatantly disrespectful me, I know telling a man to get his, but back in the batter's box is not necessarily, I would say, cordial. Oh my gosh. I mean, is it not? Are you that much of a cupcake? No, I'm not a cupcake. I'm just asking you because when this particular player, and as I said, there is a history between these, this gentleman and this team. Clearly the incident will flare up quickly or more quickly, but after a certain point, there's only so much one can take right if I kept calling you names like you just did to me eventually you would crack. Wouldn't you. Does that work? I guess it works well then, but is it the right way to play the game? If you're going to preach about playing the game the right way, where is that line of what makes you the arbiter of it? But you're trying to say the plan, the right game should be changed to expression things to say the part of the game. Is this what? What took place you? You do things the psych yourself up, but you didn't answer my question. What makes you or Nick Hundley? In this case, the arbiter of what that is. Let's not how you play a game is how you play the game, but that's interpreted differently by different people in viewed through different prisons is the point. But if you wanna have you're trying to make generic game at that, there's no generic non trying to make it a generic game baseball. At the time right now is trying to make it a generic game, and they're losing that battle because there's these constant flare ups because of it. So to the contrary, so then you're saying that you wanna have expression, which is great..

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