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It works for all had to grow long, brother. In the back party back there. It's all you need is saying, oh, by the way, speaking of hulk HOGAN, RIP me, gene, Oakland. Oh, yes. The way super Dave Osborne. Zero the third one the third one was the captain from the captain O Ryan all seventy six right Lavigne's in threes. Seventy six years old to. Yeah. It's all mean Jean fell down super duper. Dave who whose name is Bob Einstein had he had cancer. Did you ever meet him? Nobody used to watch super Dave Osborne. Religiously. Shave my childhood. Yeah. Areas. His his comedians in cars, getting coffee was really funny. It just him begging Jerry for that for that car. You still keep the car cherry in the end Jerry shafts him. And he's like, no, you're not keeping the car in reality. He let him have you? Did let him have the car Porsche. No. It was the the NSF that he saw the league got for doing the school the Super Bowl commercial. Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. You know, in fact, Bob, Einstein got his start writing for the smothers brothers. And that's how far back he went. Yeah. I just watched fuck. It's is it speeds zone or cannonball run to that has the smothers brothers in it, cannonball, run and cannonball to not go to the Dulles airport. It's fresno. No, no, Dulles L dollars. Fucking. Would you like peanuts? Great bit. Are you what favourite cannonball run film? Chris one to speed. So now, it's gotta be one all the classic. Absolutely. The dell. Louise in that as you know, captain fantastic. Whatever captain. Right. Oh, big absolute client. And then, of course, the doctor with the crazy is what was his name that is all world that tobacco tolerance. With. He's always got the cocktail the finger. Talk to your name. Oh, my God the face is. He looks like. Looks like Neil young on heroin. When they get pulled over by the cops in there comes out of the van doors open and there's that face right there. He's got the needle. He's got the needle. Now, that's a great kid. Have you ever see the first cata ball run movie? It is a fucking class out. Takes are the my favorite part of that movie because there's a part where Dom deluise can't stop laughing and at a certain point rich. What's his face? Spermatozoa can hit him in the face. And he actually does slap in the face. The six take. And he's like if you don't get it, and you start giving these because my love the picture of Trump's doctor has made it into this array of Kevin. He really fits right in everything. Connected. Inspire back to Trump. But last night we were last night. We were thinking of like, we're trying to come up with t shirts and stuff. So just like watching clips from old movies that Lambeau skipping across the lake in speed zone is really the that's the highlight. I think they're all fake Lambeau in that movie. To too hot women in the first one driving it. And then you never tend to get pulled over the zip down there tops. And then it's a female cop that pulls them over their plan is foiled. And then the second one there's a color change in the car they hose it down, and it goes from white to read the color changing paint. And then the third one they skip it across the water. And then it's I think Michael Spinks his car sometime get the doors or something, it's it's bad. So anyway, brother brother, what's going on brother in you hosted? Well, you know, the last time we saw each other was when we were gonna do that thing with Tanner remember that we were looking for some show or was it never happened yet. Did it happen was gear? No, there's something. See you at the top gear audition was years ago. And then after that there was some kind of build competition show that I was not remotely qualified to host. Apparently, I wasn't either. I didn't get the job that guy. Lou God who Santiago's go..

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