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And at the same time it they're defensive were even in thick net like hey we're not the one who created original sin humantohuman accumulated bad that's my asphalt there there's a crime happening pick it up with law enforcement npr's arthey sean honey walking through some of the complexities facebook another tech companies are grappling with think cemetery and gear okay federal trial is opening today in las vegas over a 2014 standoff where ranchers drew guns against federal agents you might remember the name clive and bundy he's the rancher who owned he's the rent who owed the federal government more than a a million dollars in unpaid fees for grazing his cows on public land's when federal officials came to round the cattle up in 2014 they were met by an armed citizen militia so far though prosecutors have struggled to convict abundis and their sympathisers and related cases here's of europe's kirk sigler it's been more than three years since clive and bundy led an arms standoff against federal agents near the family's ranch and in that time there was another armed standoff in oregon and several failed attempts by federal prosecutors to convict the ranchers militia followers but this is the big case the first time clive and bundy faces a jury in this trial he and his two sons amnon ryan and militiamen ryan pain are accused of assault and threatening federal officers and other felony conspiracy charges it was a tense and volatile seen in that desert wash back in april of 2014 when federal agents showed up and riot gear but were forced to stand down clive and bundy later declared victory do his cheering supporters saying the federal government had no place on public lands in the west take the loans the way of the united states your thoughts until his arrest more than a year and a half later bundy in his followers did what they wanted in their corner of southern nevada it just unconscionable this is joan and zomo a retired federal land manager and frequent bundy critic when you look at the amount of weaponry that all the followers had with them the federal agent were outgunned and they made the right decision cannot continue the standoff and tobacco down so that no one would die there is a lot of pressure on federal prosecutors to get a conviction especially after bundy sons were acquitted for their role in an arm takeover of the.

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