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When he's on your team easier, he can. He can do a lot that teams I thought they'd be in the mayor Carolina Panthers. He's got known to throw to Torrey Smith old Gregg. Funchess was tight end. Why do you blow off Josh Norman? What Cam Newton bluff, Josh Norman after the game. I mean, just say something about him. I think he did any. They're just talking shit. Oh, they're, they're split when he left Carolina. It was weird and there was there's always been been stuff between him. So then Cam and Josh Norman, don't get the practice field to may. Josh Norman was young, came into the league Cam Newton, beat the shit out of him in practice, and then Josh Norman. Got good. Cam news got into. Tim Newman Kelvin Benjamin, yeah, there it is coming. So everybody leaves. It seems as if I wonder what it is often took some heat this weekend because I well, the report was the Josh Allen went to them up to improve game. It was like, do you wanna work on some routes? And he said, no. No man of good, Josh Allen turn at this point elbow, elbow injury to throwing arm. The kid out there for more z. from Wyoming, South Dakota where Amos Benjamin wondering if maybe we go gets more in right here for game. Okay. I'll go fuck. Buffalo Bills, what are the the patriots fans have such a hilarious. You guys have such a conference? We I, I was thinking about this right before. I don't think the Rams get enough shit for their conference being terrible. It wasn't always like to like a few years ago. The Rams the Rams were absolutely. We're really good a few years ago. Yeah. 'cause whenever the Rams are dog shit, the Seahawks were the legion of boom. The legion of boom NFC championship was out was for two years rose. Seattle in forty Niners in the cardinals had a couple good years. And there they went eleven and five, the Niners dog shit. They play last night against the Packers Gingrich last night. The show. Last night they played against the Packers. Big, thanks Aaron Rodgers for win in that line. Minus four thousand some, maybe if you lose that, they're big things there in Rogers making it happen against the Niners. They were ten point favorites over the Niners. Did you bet on the game did not actually, because I won so much last weekend or last week on Monday night football, and I just didn't have a good read on this one. But last last night was so easy because the NFL has actually rigged the NFL forgeries. Okay. Is there a is there like a hot quick at heartache alert here of digs is coming out and saying, is there any q hit that rumba that not rob by the roster? The roster thing, the pasta thing, Boston gonna. Can you hit that one more time. Looking for. Let me let me lay this out by the way drew Brees was supposed to come on our show and then he he passed. And I wonder if it's because of my dumb baby. And I'm assuming what's about to happen isn't going to help either. So we already lost drew Brees assume he's gone forever. Go for all right. Let me make this clear. I love drew Brees I think everybody does. I am also not. NFO is rigged guy. I hate those guys because the Italians rigged the it's not the NFL Wigand Phil, let's just get that. Oh, she don't think you get enough credit. This is looking believable. They're the worst. This is a solid argument for the NFL is rigged kraut, so I'm giving it to them. It's not for me. Oh, this is like him vessel. I don't know. Yes, I'm vessel for the NFL crowd. Okay. I don't know the why. I'm still looking for the why the NFL would rigor for drew Brees, but I know that like I don't know if it's because he's short and he's a nice likable guy, and it's like a good comeback story after he heard shoulder and then he went and lifted up New Orleans. Pretty good reason. Probably reason Katrina. The whole thing like the first time that started coming to me was that Super Bowl was when like the saints recovered that locks on side. Well, that was the first game after Katrina. The block on I was going to bring that up because I was huge moment for the city. But if you wanna throw that in there. Sure. Okay..

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