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Josh, you will spend attorney with your namesake's throughout history. You enter a little nervous at first. But look there's Josh Brolin sharing laugh with Josh Gort Grogan wondering what they're talking about. Don't worry. You will have all time to hear everyone of the stories. Look, there's Los Angeles outfielder Josh Hamilton, Indianapolis Colts return specialist, Josh cribs and Miami Heat power forward. Josh Roberts discussing the virtues of their respective sports. Oh my God over there. It's Josh Holloway who played Sawyer in lost. That's fantastic. You always wanted to know what was up with the end of that show. Now, you can ask one of the principal actors. He's in a group with Josh Hartnett. Josh Lucas, Josh Duhamel discussing film theory. Can't wait to get in on that you do notice. Joshua, the OG biblical Joshua standing all by himself in full battlegear wonder what that's all about a couple more familiar faces here and there, but by and large there are only a few dozen Josh's you recognize among the countless thousands milling about with their half-full Martinez. No matter you will get to know them all all their stories all their interests. You have attorneys. After all. And so the will pass before you know, it to things will become painfully apparent to you most people named Josh are achingly boring, and there there are only a few black people and no women named Josh. Pending on your racial inclination and sexual orientation that may be good news. However, one thing is for certain it does make for pretty boring conversation. Turns out turns out that Josh Holloway has no idea. What happened at the end of loss? Does he was on a two year meth binge at the time, and he's just as much of an over actor in person and God damn it? If you have to hear Josh Berlin talk about the making of sin city a Dame to kill for one more fucking time. Oh, and the reason that Joshua's all by himself. He's an astounding racist new as for the film theory discussion by the assembled actor. Josh is the only thing they can all agree on is that godfather three was the best in the trilogy and the prequels are underrated. Now, Josh you may want to curse your parents for not naming you Harrison or Theodore earnest, but take a deep breath. Remember that they could have made things much worse for you by naming you Donald Adolf or Mark now. Get back there and mingle. And remember as the maddening and has had is it might be to be with all of history's joshes. You are always will be one of them. Enjoy. You know, the the the least plausible thing in that entire heaven is that there's only one racist. Josh. I feel like I feel like I can't get onboard with that. Well, a most racist. That's right. Right. Okay. And now the and now I've bitterly regret not turning to Doug and saying, and Doug, I I need a heaven for Tim just so that justified with you, I double check them. Like, I'm making sure it's. So congratulations. Josh joy. You are you are in for a treat once the Joshua's come at you. And now Mark you have to give a heaven to seventeenth angry democrat. Well, you say half do I consider this one of the great. Right. Well, you'd be you would have been fucked. I consider this great privilege. So it is an honor. That's true seventeen democrat. Well, no, one would confuse you with a high bound old school traditionalist. There are those classic things in life, a person of your taste and discernment can appreciate and for your heaven, truly do hope. This is the case for your heaven seventeen democrat is simply called heaven. That's right. Seventeenth angry democrat, you are literally going to spend eternity where cliches go to die heaven, the one from the movies, the one from ten thousand New Yorker cartoons awaits just above a dazzling white layer of impossibly fluffy, stretch, Oku Cumulus clouds through which in a day long distant from now you pass as one of the elect. There before you before you will be a set of fussily, French neoclassical style. Golden gates set with the accumulated accumulations of an infinite number of stars. And behind a tall lectern as wizened Middle Eastern men who came here via Italy sometime ago..

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