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Look. I'm just trying to kill off the old. You know we're horrible people together and probably the buddy of us assholes have to stick together anyway due arbel. Thank you very much yes. You're a horrible person for thinking that way. Now come give me a hug. Brother kelly He's saying one guided pound in that he got out. He you make the kid in school and he got knocked up my dad. He went to school minute. Plus it us. The cat lady school of telling stories he he was a student. They're loading someone else. Said something great. Someone had a great line about that guy What was it. i can't remember. there's no way i'm gonna find the message now Someone said some really great catting you show lord dish or drying ideal for this. Did he thought it was amazing. Not only in a Not because they're really giggo way. Rooker my fans draw me sort of ways. Exactly what. I say when i show them that stuff slate. We'll see of these little green hairless or are you wanna nails and like the one. I'm sipping tea. And then he'll say stuff like you need dress up like that in real life you should do like an a side by side of like the drawing and then try to as closely as you can dress up like that in real life and take a shot. My favorite helpful. He's he's he's doesn't have my best interests in mind only video. Oh my god. I'm sure you're gonna talk about it because he may agree admits having rain and green fresh marine trauma which i covered it all today. I'm proud of it. I mean you're not proud of cause cancer so whatever. And then he's like what am i have. Movable personality says he doesn't have multiple personalities but then everything he actually talks about in the video leads us to believe that yes. He does have multiple personalities. This is danny body. I just learned how to quit. So i'm gonna do it on the phone for you. That is not a cuiv. that's an as farts. I don't know if i believe it. I feel like it's one of those toys that make the fart. Sounds i'm going to need to see video. Mo is looking for proof. I'm a pervert. Well thank you very much. Danny for that whether it's real or not i'll let the freaks decide cam just.

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