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I'm John Aaron Luke Luke or is it the editor's desk coming up actors linked to China busted trying to steal code nineteen research I'm JJ green how the health of the Chesapeake Bay was changed by weds twenty eighteen unlike in Florida masks are required for the Mount Vernon triangle market this season as it opens a long lines I'm Ellery bong it's six thirty one caught red handed hackers linked to the Chinese government have been busted trying to steal code nineteen vaccine research from the U. S. a joint federal bulletin is urgently warning healthcare and research organizations to lock down their networks and keep a close eye on employees exhibiting unusual behavior the FBI and the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies say they've detected and are investigating the targeting and most importantly the compromise of U. S. organizations conducting covert nineteen related research that research includes vaccines treatments and testing from networks and personnel affiliated with that research these organizations are being instructed to patch their vulnerabilities and institute multi factor authentication immediately JJ green WTOP news nursing homes have been directed to report the number of coronavirus infections and deaths to the federal government by midnight tonight The Washington Post reports federal officials will collect the data weekly and publish it online along with the names of nursing homes by the end of the month the data will offer a first look at the impact in states like Virginia that have declined to identify nursing homes with covert nineteen infections the Kaiser family foundation estimates that nursing homes and other assisted living facilities account for more than forty percent of the Kobe nineteen deaths in the U. S. and there are now over seventy four thousand reported cases of coronavirus in DC Maryland and Virginia more than twenty one hundred new cases were reported in the area yesterday new numbers come out later this morning we also have more than thirty three hundred confirmed deaths from the virus for recovery numbers and more data you can check out our custom infographics at WTOP dot com search coronavirus president trump says the U. S. is considering restoring partial funding to the World Health Organization after he froze contributions over what he said was its mismanagement of the coronavirus response the president says his administration is weighing a proposal that would provide funding to the a group on par with what China is contributing the president said the move would reduce overall U. S. funding to the group by ninety percent in the two year period ending at the close of twenty nineteen the US contributed nearly nine hundred million dollars to the W. H. O. two Senate committees are now investigating former vice president Joe Biden's role in the so called unmasking of former national security adviser Michael Flynn Republicans are seizing on a declassified documents showing that thirty nine former Obama administration officials in late twenty sixteen in early twenty seventeen including Biden requested to know the identity of an American whose name had come up in an intelligence briefings based on his conversations with the Russian ambassador Flynn was revealed to be that individual the hill reports the move comes as Republican senators seek to go on offense with an issue they think will damage the presumptive democratic presidential nominee while helping them retain their majority just had a set back for the health of the bay it's six thirty.

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