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Those are bread. I had homeboys that was in a penitentiary. My close friends or body was actually my my closest for and when he came home from a federal penitentiary has such a fucking amazing book collection of talking about books from from eighty then ordinary laws was just one of became a few years later. You know a topic of discussion amongst the young black brothers so you know that was just one of them and then i actually got to meet sit down and i interview robert green for some content released so-so run so you'll be doing this. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm actually sitting. We both kind of action each other different questions which came from us on twitter on instagram. Going back from four different things we would. I would debate. I would question. I had questions. And i think he enjoyed it. Does something you mentioned a lot. You know you you've seen on gave the in. They ask questions. why not. why not. That's what we do if you're saying you know that's why i still don't mind flying commercial is i have a problem. With the wasn't they can have a pitcher rosellini actually about this. That's actually cool shoes. You know kill you take and that's show for today. Thanks so much to hausa for doing that interview and to draw for being interviewed. And we'll be back next week here on siriusxm channel one six and in the meantime we are podcast download. This is the podcast. Strive to us as a podcast. We're ever get your podcasts. Leila's nice review on apple. Podcast if you can but as always thanks for listening and we will see remy. Martin joins with international music star. Usher in team up for excellence. The film exploring the history of music culture and koniak from blues to hip hop swing dancing to break dancing. Usher in reading. Martin travel through the decades in france in the us honoring cultural figures both rooted in a shared philosophy of aiming for the stars. See the film at team up for excellence. Dot com martin koniak forty percent alcohol by volume. Imported by remy cointreau. Usa new york. New york please drink responsibly. Just getting started with rich eisen season. Two is nfl. Centric with origin. Stories from al michaels. Joe buck and erin andrews. Why did you leave espn. I felt like i had done everything that i was going to be allowed to do there. I want to really be a part of the nfl. This sound so bradey done brie or four championship games. I just knew if i was going to have a shot at the nfl fox. So it's gone pretty well just getting started with rich eisen. Listen wherever you get your podcasts panoply.

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