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Cold the blood? Hesitate hook pass pesky straightaway. Three off the hill. High rebound, I ala. I yellow right to laugh. Slipped. A little bit gives it up right side for Wiggins weekends between the circles back to a Al on the right wing to Fernando a jab step with his right foot left wing for Smith Smith against Julius stumbles a little bit nine to shoot a yellow Maryland leads by a l over the drive boss pass it inside homes off Lindo because Simpson a nice job of getting a hand on it. I he lied Brooks's in David Julius sits bigness, bras, daycare, also hustle back in Michigan and take the place of Isaiah livers. He's got ally Brooks Xavier Sinton exit daycares, John S and Jordan pool for Michigan. Now, we talk about Michigan being dowdy and on their defensive end up. Miskin took their best shot already being up six nothing and Miskin responded. Fourteen twelve Berlin Teske left point persistent high right handed dribble chest pass for pool pool. A wiggle a drive kickout testes open from fifteen long rebounds pesky back to Simpson. Another offense rebound from Michigan. They've got seven on the day already Simpson. Hesitates, dumps it inside and another for John great look by Xavier Simpson. Pretty much froze the defense on that pick and roll action. Just took an expert dribble. An extra look pound lane. John wide open ever had ten assists in the win over Nebraska. Got eighty six assists. The last eleven games. Fernando leans him on the left shoulder scratching in Simpson. Reach and foul. Anthony Collins back in Maryland. Yeah. Thought Simpson was trying to time it spreads down you had Fernando trying to dribble and go against big John task. All you gotta do is just scratch get back to your manuscripts. Get back. Throws the rhythm off to a big, right? And he's he's very lucky it and say, hey, I'm gonna pick this ball up for this guy, grabs it Picton skills. Cowen who came in for Wiggins, lobs it into Fernando against testy spins baseline, good job by testy council. Spin it again and kick it out to Cowan a ball fake with the left handed dribble. Shovels it left side for Morrell. Moore's L, rather turnaround jumper good feet away. Darrelle more cell from the left mid post. His second field goal. The day at sixteen fourteen Maryland will talk shop floor steel by Fernando an easy second buffalo day. Eighteen fourteen Maryland. Eight twenty six to go in the half. Simpson walks into the front Cole. Outside now between the circles right side for Brooks further on the wing abroad. Looks left gives it up to testy pesky at the top of the art hands off the Simpson turns the left corner ball fakes to bras daycares. Pump fakes now step back. Three arching shoddy store. More it'll rebound. Marcel quickly in the frontcourt. Dumps it inside for cutting Yala a yellow with half a dozen matches their largest lead that was six nothing. Twenty two fourteen turps seven forty five and a half. Testy with his back to the basket now fronts the hoopla's left wing for Simpson. Simpson around a stream hesitates dries bookshop off the high Guoxin group second time, he's done at Soleil justification believe the first time. Fernando said what do you want me to do about a Korean style? Hook. You also. Defect. Coach John allowed his team to play through that run. It just shows the maturity that this team is having I love the old timers. We're all looking at it. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. They're they're smiling in awe, but also shaking her head in disbelief. Following side against Michigan. Let's go against John testing. We've got a time out seven fifteen lap and the opening half. Maryland leads Michigan twenty two sixteen. Stay with us. You're listening to Michigan basketball from learfield. How how're you yields Michigan fan because I got this horn installed in my throat. Pretty sick. Right. Yes. You really sick. What Dr would even do this doctor? I did this myself. I mean, I can't swallow whole food, but still wait. What's this got to plow through a couple of? What about some don't be that guy? Get a fan card..

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