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Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News Station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 Good morning, It is 5 47 Greg, her Shelton Manda Factor here with the comb, Oh, morning News. Frank Lindsay is the editor's desk. More Republican senators are now starting to admit that Joe Biden is indeed the president elect after the Electoral College confirmed his win. Tennessee's Lamar Alexander said the presidential election is over. Ohio's Rob Portman echoed that, noting the electoral college votes solidified Biden's win South Dakota's John Thune, Missouri's Roy Blunt in West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito also credited Biden with the wind before Monday. Only a few GOP members acknowledged by as the winner Joe Biden is visiting Atlanta this afternoon to show support for Georgia's Democratic Senate candidates. The president elect will headline a drive in rally beginning a 2 30 this afternoon. While access is limited. Residents have been encouraged to line the neighborhood to show support as the motorcade passes. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Columbus on Thursday to rally for the Republican senators. Medical personnel at the University of Washington Medicine will start getting vaccinated against covert 19 later this morning. Other doctors and nurses across the country got their first doses yesterday and we get the update from ABC is TJ Holmes, ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay in New York among the first recipients in the country. Across the country. Medical personnel who have been battling the virus, non stop taking part in historic vaccines from Florida and Louisiana, Texas and Colorado. Feel safer about coming home to my family at night after having this vaccine, New York City emergency medicine Doctor Eve Barroso, like so many others have been treating covert patients and even lost a family member to the virus. He got his shot Monday. I hope that this continues this momentum. To lead to people to really who are maybe on the fence about getting the vaccination to make that decision to realize how important this is West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, becoming one of the first two top elected officials to receive the vaccine movement in this country beyond Any that you could ever think it's a safe is, it could be also getting one Monday. 96 year old Margaret Claessens, the World War two vet, becoming the first of a patient to get the vaccine but a reality check operation warp speed, hoping that more than 50 million Americans will be vaccinated by the end of January, with access for the general population by March. Doctors hoping to reach her immunity by summer, but also complicating matters. They still don't know how long the vaccine will last for millions. It's still race against time and getting the vaccines to everyone who wants them can't come soon enough. On Monday, the U. S passing 300,000 deaths 17,000 in the past seven days, 101 fatalities and our Across the country. Hospitals overwhelmed with new record highs and families in mourning like Scott Carpenter, who lost his wife, Tony to Cove it last month. There saves a handful. Save 10% 20%. Yeah, If that's your family member that gets saved. I am so thankful you did not have to experience what me and my Children have experienced because it is the worst feeling in the world. Meanwhile, a group of bipartisan senators has revealed a $908 billion coronavirus relief package. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin says the plan shows that bipartisanship is still alive and well in Washington, D C. The bill would replenish unemployment benefits that are set to expire. Come on news time. 5 51 time to get to our propel insurance Money Update. Boeing has expanded inspections of newly produced 7 87 Dreamliners after finding a previously disclosed manufacturing defect in sections of the jet. Where it hadn't been initially detected. Boeing engineers and US air safety regulators agree the newly discovered problem doesn't pose an imminent safety hazard. But the new issue is likely to ramp up on F A A review of 7 87 production safeguards sparked earlier this year by other defects. California Attorney general have Yerba Sarah has asked a judge to order Amazon to comply with subpoenas his office issued nearly four months ago as part of an investigation into how the company protects workers from the coronavirus. Sarah said the online sales giant has not provided enough information on its safety steps and the status of infections and deaths at it. Chipping facilities across California. That's your money now. Jennifer Cash Inca Come Oni. We could be in for some upward movement on Wall Street this morning. All the major indexes are pointing up the Dow futures 176 points. Traffic and weather up next Come on news time. 5 50. That's a fact. That's a fact. Credit card purchases. 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