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Now the short oppress horses. I think Tacitus is obviously someone that's going to be heavily bet in for good reason his fantastic breeding everything points towards in handling the distance. Well, and I think he's going to be one of those horses that work out and absolutely perfect trip. I think is going to be quite a bit of speed. And I think like we saw the Preakness war of will just have a perfect perfect trip is just one of those horse racing is all about pace and the trip. And I think you know speed. It alone on the front end is so dangerous just like getting that perfect stocking trip. And in his case Tacitus case, I think he's going to be a little bit off the pace, but I just think that, you know, having the added furlongs which he would've loved in the Kentucky, Derby just going to do him. So many favors the price is short, but I can justify that. I like him and bourbon Warren, we'll just box them. We're not gonna overcomplicate this keep it simple and my throat, the Tri box, but in kind of said, ever fast and bourbon war, but I I'm leaving even ever fast as the winner because, you know, in your blog posts you bring up a great point, where that's ever. Fast is last start in the Preakness was by far is most impressive closing from as many as twenty two lengths back to finish second. That's what you want from a horse in this kind of race. Right. Absolutely. It you know, at the end of the day with the Belmont Stakes. Just you're gonna have so many horses that are going to be tiring on the front end and wit speed entered. It's very likely that there is a pace stool fast, fractions upfront, and that just benefits closer so well and I tend to for horses on a weekly basis, I love to see their last race. And I like to see them entering off their career career-best race or off victory and just to see his last race. Was it kind of came out of nowhere for me just before his best speed figure his best placing outside of the maiden win. It's just it looks like maybe are clicking. So you're gonna get a fantastic price on hand. So I mean, I can't blame you you're gonna be getting probably twenty to one somewhere around that range. So that's definitely. Well, that's great. And make sure you check out all of parlay queens articles over at sports gambling podcasts dot com. Make sure you give a follow on Twitter at par lay Queen anything else. You wanna throw out their money. Now just go wraps. Go. Now I can actually say because now hearing about this future on Toronto's, ultimately, we're all in. Let's do it. All right. You call on in a parlay Queen is always four sports gaming pass. I'm Sean stack in the money grain. And he is Ryan. We are the north Kramer, let it right?

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