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Four zero one six three josh miranda is a great thinker and scholar i've i've known him for very very many years and his latest book so appropriately titled heaven on earth about socialism so josh i'm gonna put you on the spot let's say you have one minute with a college kid this is what's wrong with socialism take it away josh miranda check it's been around for two hundred years and it's been tried so many different ways the lenin and his followers tried to do it by dictatorship and force killed millions of people but created only system of poverty the more for citius social democrats europe thought they were going to create socialism by peacefully democratically nationalising industry and and equalizing the wealth and they actually were voted into office and try to in country after country and quickly reverse course they provided social safety nets but they didn't they gave up after a year or two of that scientists socialize the economy because it was getting disastrous results from the good go in the third world all over africa and the and the countries of the middle east some of asia they tried what they called african socialism arab socialism which was their own invention but the point was state controlled the economic development and it led to stagnation all around the third world for twenty years so this thing has been tried every way people could imagine it and and more that i haven't mentioned and it's every possible version why why do it all over again that's right at the they always raise oh well what about sweden for example they don't know that for example corporate tax rates until the trump lowering of tax rates corporations corporate tax rates in sweden were lower weight lower than in the united states that every citizen who earns anything in sweden pays income tax half of americans don't pay federal income tax one hundred percent of swedes pay federal income tax so they they don't really know about their the vaunted ideals that they're they're speaking of but it's altima tely what you what you said is beautiful explanation of redemptive history so josh keep writing great work in the book folks heaven on earth it's up dennis prager dot com josh thanks a lot thanks having me on dennis pleasure indeed in honor a great thinker all right you got the got that the press that off there okay folks there is a very important piece really important by bret stephens in the new york times breath stevens can't stand president trump he's a conserve he's never trumper conservative i disagree with him but he has aside from that very important things as the as the most conservative columnist at the new york times which isn't saying much because there's no there is no one who reflects half this country writing among the dozens of new york times opinion writers but it's okay but he does very important work often here is this is critical i it's to credit because he can't stand president trump but here's the here's the color withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal has paid dividends it's been nearly a year since donald trump made the decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal too loud cries that it would bring nothing but woe to the united states and our interests in the middle east so far the result has been closer to the opposite this is never trumper writing that much was made further clear thanks to excellent reporting this week by the time you're ben hubbard quote iran's financial crisis exacerbated by american sanctions he writes from lebanon quote appears to be undermining its support for militant undermining iran's support for militant groups and political allies who bolster iranian influence in iraq syria lebanon elsewhere you're on the stand that donald trump has made the world better kinder and safer just with the iran bill that's why i if forgetting bret stephens okay whom i know when i doran i've debated on the new york times website and print okay it is what it is but for the rest of you folks you have no idea how much bail i got i can't believe you dennis prager oh you talked morality your whole life and you support trump the superficiality of that argument is breathtaking it is just breathtaking those every single statement like that is foolish you don't give a damn about world peace about goodness on earth about americans working all you give a damn about trump's character there's something wrong with you folks you understand you your moral compass is broken i don't care about that as much as i care about iran not being able to slaughter people as much okay that's more important to me than if the guy went to bed with the porn star if that's important to you you're an idiot you are immoral idiot you hear me can i be clearer i care more about the victims of iranian terror than i do about who trump slept with you don't you're a fool okay is that clear all you let writers all you idiots who who support the the the max boot and crystal crowd not crystal bill kristol irving kristol i don't think would feel this way you don't care about iran being weaker in terms of slaughtering people you care about trump's sleeping what hell is wrong with you okay got that out of my system back.

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