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If we just came back, and it was exactly the same situation wouldn't feel like you're moving forward or just feel like yours repeating old sane Peter Faulk. Right. I mean, the perfect casting because he's literally Colombo in his own grandson. You know? Okay. You know what? Taking this very personally. No. Right. So Fred savage. Does a fantastic job playing like regular. I think he's a very regular kid there. They didn't push it at all kids. Do get annoyed with that. They don't want hear about at least the in this case, you know, nineteen eighty-seven lovely gender stereotype of boy that doesn't mean hear about kissing. But I remember my son didn't wanna hear, you know, kissing stories. And so that all felt very true. But Peter Falk is playing a long con with this kit repeatedly, you know, told you. Yes, very good. Shut up wonderful that very smart. So let's go into the actual story is being told. And so we really rush through the Senate very quickly, and it's the pricing. Even just watching tonight to recognize how little backstory, we know about our are central characters buttercup, guess she has a family. We'd never see them lives on loan to cabinet. I guess she makes fun of this farmer. Boy, it's just the best part. Yeah. Right. So actually, no one in this entire movie has a real. Character now. No one they it's just nice farm. Boy. Nice slightly noble girl. A very smart Italian very big green Lander very skilled Spaniard, and then the prince just dick, right, but very very, proficient. Dick, you watch. Like, oh, he's somehow really good all these things. He's an amazing jacker. And so you think there's gonna be some there. It was great dual. Yes. And somehow he can smell the powder. That's the best. Yeah. Sure. So great, but the performances are fantastic. And without great performances feel that the artists these little paper dolls moving throughout the story. And yet we so quickly set up who buttercup is the nature of the stakes of the movie are which is basically this is the couple and we want this couple to be together. That's the whole storyline. You really gonna get through sonata? What happens is the two of them. But also surprising and sort of frustrating. If you've read a bunch of screen writing books is your protagonist your heroes are not on screen time and often don't they're not really they don't have a lot of agency in their story. Correct. Because they're in a story. Right. So you can see why Goldman felt so liberated by the technique of imagining that he's only telling you parts of story because he can literally just not do the stuff that is really annoy. Knowing for us to do to make people believe that what they're watching is real. He doesn't have to worry about that. And so in a weird way the protagonist. I was think of the protagonist of this movie in the in the true sense of someone that has to make a choice is Fred savage because those are the only two people in the movie on the mom. Yeah. But demaim really essential character. Without that. Also, you notice to watch the movie like it starts the long shot of a baseball game being played on a video which thrills me. Yeah. Of course. I mean, it does anchor a place in time. But it didn't even need to be because it was contemporary. It was really strange thing. You're watching stranger things and they're trying to say, oh, no, no. Where this. Well. They didn't know they thought that the way it was always going to be that's fair. I thought baseball games always look like that. But I guess they were probably trying to say look kids don't read. That's true. They don't continues to apply. It does so back to buttercup and back to her story. So let's track the movie through from what we know of buttercup. So somehow she goes from the. Farmhouse? She believes that Wesley his died. And then suddenly she's getting married to the king. We don't know why it's it's been years. It's been years. She's a Princess now for reason because he had the right to choose his own bride so one imagines that he wrote through the countryside. I want you. Yeah. That was boo lady scare the hell alone..

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