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Then he was all right. Thank you for listening if you owen. Eight or whatever they were that point in time you be doom. Scroll as well but good for other bad news other places since we're on kotite and the jets Cowboys bucks tomorrow night to open up the new. Nfl season now. There's a new look in the nfl's players are changing their numbers. And there's not so aligned with the position anymore fair to say as we've heard before tom brady reiterating yesterday. Not a fan of this being. Just yeah all. The rule is the rule. And you can change your number. And that's what it is Steelers bills week. One more fifty as the mike. Yeah mike nets right through sevens. The mike could be said before sixty nine. Could you never know in neve enough ravens. How about this. How about a former levian bell side of the practice squad twenty nine something left and who knows but no one even offered him deal when he took. Nobody is offering cam. Newton deal right now and did you see what juju smith schuster said a coming out of their locker room. Now it's not even a discussion point in our locker room. here you know camps or gray player. he's gonna get picked up soon but we're not even discussing it in here because they were asked what what happens to your team ben. Rothlisberger goes down. Would you want cam newton to be your quarterback twain. Haskins mason rudolph there right. I think smith schuster was being nice to his other teammates but he says it has not even come up in our locker room. How about that knucklehead. Was doing that. milk crate. Challenge go before season starts. He got through it too but he didn't. He didn't have a challenge at the top. Though but still i agree. I mean does that they fall and they break their face and he's up there doing and right before the season starts assured she give ow no great geno. Chances what do you no no i. I wouldn't want to wish that on my worst enemy looks so paying the coolest one although painful probably was the The gender reveal one. Did you see that guy. Because what ends up happening is the guy falls as he falls flat to the concrete and clearly looks the booth. And everybody's so excited that they found out it's a boy they start running around and the guys sitting there face down on the pavement. You might wanna tend to him. While whatever was he was hurt for sure but viral. Is you want on the beach. No land on the crates. Yeah that's the problem on the crates. They no you need a solid ground the put on beach not good not good Who comes up with stuff. I don't know but it is as popular as inter. I know. I know. I know i know elsa digital guy i love digital. I talked to izzo. Tried to get all the. The big name hosts here to do it. But i know you guys are in for the it looks so painful man really does break your arm type stuff you could for sure. Well this big name. Host is not interested and lasley gonzaga basketball coach. Mark few issued a citation for driving under the influence. Monday reports say pulled over. After police received a report..

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