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He's is am So we said let's make the t cell us send us their name. Send their wrist sizes and we'll put their initial on them and we'll make him in the new england patriots. Columns says we sent them all out and then assign football so we have happy valley to know but the issue mris on the girls of the sullen rue didn't taking the i'd been everybody did tom. Brady's he's he's he gets on us. It was not kind of. That's exciting kind of excitement. That kind of an attitude. We have towards the people who work for us and our customers. It's it's very real. And they'd love it. Yes we also sent them to the dallas cowboys just mentioned jehovah's football two decades sir. People here i gotta be careful. I'm from arkansas. People here are diehard cowboys fans. I have to say cowboys. American team. So i had to be careful with saying smell cowboys. A tastic team. Boys asked the jets and training and a lot of t gs amid gets us out there and people see that and and but it has been most organic. We've done very little advertising until only recently did some advertising in magazines. Go away we we. You know what what magazines in like i said. I told you before. We're doing our magazine but we're doing digital and we're we're trying to cover cutting edge information. I think the store bought magazines are going to be gone. They're gonna they're gonna be here very long. that's why they died. Yeah i know. Technology has taken over and its takeover so much it is true but i still like to walk in and pick out the piece of hard copy and thumb through jan. Do that online. Now it online you get a look and just look at the ads and see looks nice but also to you get a chance to see more people you get people in cuts down the cost of shipping all over the world crush the government one look at it and they can see everything new about your product and can watch the video so they can watch the video of somebody actually using or doing anything else in this like in their home right in there. They get instant gratification versus wedding neck. Next issue the come out and you gotta steal shot so it is. It works ways of forest absolutely absolutely course at that time. We didn't have the digital magazines. You know we found on. We've been on eighteen front covers with us versus real with bodybuilder wearing versus reps. And we're so thankful to the whole bodybuilding organization because we've made so many friends that we have so many people just obsolete great great Business for us to be in because we love our fans and we love all the people that have supported us. So we're grateful to that. I know jomaa. Joe have fun. Yeah yeah f door he loves. Yeah because i. I've seen the cover with joe mackey on the front of their own and his roy. I from coverage really. Yeah joe joe. Joe joe does pretty words right now. Joe is actually in dubai dubai. Will larry willer doing doing a. He's doing some work with joe. Larry larry contacting him per his conversation. So they're out there. Doing collaboration together hitting yeah we have. We have bodybuilders into by support for a super cell very exciting. It's fun yeah it's fine. The product is good fun to work with and also a good accessory to your actually your out and it's built around helping you complete your package. You know in a position working out and decreasing the chances of actually having an injury and but still keeping the gym. Doing what you love doing. And i and you want to make help people continue on this journey whether you're sixty years old twenty five years old twelve years old and and it's all about educating in having a proper tools at your disposal disposal i'm sorry disposal to do what you're trying to do better yourself and then also to better yourself you better or when you because you're more supportive able to do things also to from athletic perspective as a power lifter or even the nfl player. They're able to accomplish your dreams by continuing keeping their body and shake going. They're performing the best of their ability to give you know you the fans a- show that you're interested in so it's it's a bigger is bigger than it is a bigger picture in also to single mothers. There are want to get back to jim. Young girls want to be a conflict with themselves. Serie said they can. They can get in the gym and work out and still have confidence that they can move their weight with are hurting and still build that body that they're to look after pregnancy or no just because that's why we came. We came. We came up with a fifth series. Because it's a slimmed-down version of the pro and a lot of the girls that are bikini competitors us to fit. Because they're they're very stylish The wrist strap is only an ant and their great for toning and working out so the you know they they love those but a lot of women also love the pro. I have to say. Especially with all i new colors. Because you've got some serious women that really are there your personal trainers now. And they're they're really you know. Really representing women really well in the fitness industry. And i noticed. They're bringing back women's bodybuilding wales. So you have to just quite. I think the one that were missing west miss mississippi. No i think it's i've got somebody here to national something. She lives here in dallas. Oh she she lives in dallas. One wanted to show was here just recently and i think it was. The arnold i think was arnold i drink. I don't remember maybe mill but yes. She lives here and she's been here training at maybe. Maybe like ten minutes from me She's actually a pro-israel yeah yeah dallas has the highest number of professional bodies here. We go above them them. Everybody's approach you. Got you got of fitness pros. You have a vitamin the pros. You have rose.

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