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Use also helped now by moving forward in Washington, investors are encouraged the transition for the new administration is underway. Also, there's optimism about the apparent selection of former Fed chair Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary says GeneCo's solo Right now the Dow is up 496 points again over 30 K. This despite a new report showing consumer confidence falling in November to the lowest level since August, But That survey was finished before the latest vaccine news. Another battleground state finalizes its election results. Fox's Jared Halpern has more live. The president elect Joe Biden has been certified as the winner of Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. Governor Tom Wolfe tweeted. He has signed the certificate of Ascertainment for the slate of electors for Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris. President Trump and his legal team have challenged the results in Pennsylvania, arguing certification should be delayed. Michigan another state where the president is challenging results certified their election results yesterday. Lisa Jared president Trump has not conceded he's continuing his legal challenges in Georgia. A second recount will soon be underway by machine this time inside, basically prep work going on for the second recount machines being examined. Ballots coming in this facility is likely gonna be much busier at this hour tomorrow as the second recount begins tomorrow morning and must be completed by December. 2nd AD midnight Throughout the morning, Our crew has seen police escorted delivery vans dropping off boxes boxes Matt Finn into Cab County. This recount was requested by the Trump campaign. The first by hand, was an audit triggered by a new state long America is listening to Fox sees News Radio K L. B. J on Patrick Osborne and this news is brought to you by radiant plumbing and air conditioning. Across a dozen local school district. 87 students been found with Cove in 19 in the past couple of weeks. The bulk of those have come from the Austin district, which is reported 24. Austin Public Health Assistant director Jason Pickett says school campuses just don't appear to be the super spreaders that some people are worried about. We're not seeing a great deal of spread within the walls of the schools. With the exception of athletics and carpools, the number of teachers infected with Cove it is significantly lower than the number of students with 46 total 14 of those came from the Austin district. Is a lot of speculation among state leaders that a covert vaccine is possibly just weeks away from arriving in Texas, and that has been widely reported. Chris Van Dusen with Department of State Health Services says healthcare workers would get it first. But he says those workers actually treating covert patients would be the very top priority around people likely to have covert 19 or those who, you know, treat and care for other vulnerable populations. Who would be the great, you know a great deal of danger for severe disease if they were to get it was only after health care workers, first responders and essential employees. These have been vaccinated. Will the elderly, another high risk patients be prioritized? As music venues move ever closer to disappearing for good. The Austin City Council still plans to offer more relief economic recovery Officer Veronica Per Se Neo says she hopes that will be rolling out by the end of the year. But there's still lot of logistics to be ironed out programs on your way to approach things, and that's not a bad thing, but it doesn't mean we're going to give it. Some thought that it's December 3rd meeting, the council will consider new recommendations and guidelines for the Live Music Preservation Fund, although that's not necessarily inspiring a lot of confidence in some venue owners to say the industry may not have that much time left analyst If you look at your.

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