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You cannot waffle there. You can't be like. I don't know man i just don't know most nights i lay in bed. Just is she the no. You can't do that. Then peter creepy painter. Peter benson andrew walker. Make a wager that he can't proposed to a girl in four weeks and they handshake. And this is the classic hallmark because they hold that handshake for three solid seconds. They're just like this frozen fokker table and it's just like freeze and wait for the next scene to start and they just hold it there. Hold it there. Hold it there and then they finally go. It's a weird handshake next. Can we talk about meat ahead. Mike for a little bit. I love me head meet. had mike is brandon. Ralph's stunt double. He he is the third fiance of our leading lady and he still thinks he's going to win her back and refuses to take the ring back. How does he think he's going to win her back. Have i got some news for you. Ladies try to say no this. I think i'm going to get a contract with the city. And if i do it includes a health plan. That's how he's winning her back. I think i'm going to get a contract with the city. And if i get it health insurance baby that's right health insurance. I know you left me at the altar but have you heard about. Healthcare dot gov. Have you heard about my cool new plan of health. I'm going to be covered other becoming with health insurance. Now you want me back right. That actually happens also. He's he's the guy that fixes clogs for living his shirt. Says like mike's clogs on it and he's like dancing. Include a manhole cover it a busy street in the middle of town if that thing is clogged the whole city is screwed. That thing called is he's working there. He's learned the fat speaking of fat burgers Let a second. I can't andrew walker cannot get over the fact that a female likes. Cheeseburgers can't fathom kenner standard. He's like this is the most massages you want. Sushi or tie burger burgers. She likes burgers won a million dude. Everybody likes cheeseburgers unless you're vegan did that it's common but then later on he's like bros. He's talking to his brothers. she likes burgers. I'm talking twelve ounce bat. Boys look. I i get it. We're trying to sound macho twelve hundred burger. That's a three quarter pound burger that is unsightly this side of man food. You want any part of that. Somebody somebody that orders out of unity kicked to the curb before their heart. Disease sneaks up on you. I just took all day and it turned night when they were finished eating it. Nobody's eating. Are they sharing it for two meals. A twelve ounce burger. People are like at restaurants like half pound. I don't know that's a lot to happens. Eight ounces had what is happening right now. I love a burger more than the next guy who owed more than the next girl i do. Love him that's bonkers. That's like two five guys burgers newer really getting it. So i mean twelve ounce. Fat boys could have picked any number half-pound pam fat boys. I don't understand. I've done a one pound burger one time. It was at a eating challenge in raleigh north carolina. You well we did. We went to red robin. We did the double. And the double i think was around a pound or a little bit under it and i. I'm still that was that was forever ago. Twelve ounce that was they don't know burgers they don't know poker either andrew walker magic mike or playing poker together. Andrew walker's like. I'm all in and mike goes. I raise bro. This is not the old west knowing kicked in a saloon door. No-one's ordering double the whiskey. This is mom and pops house. If someone says they're all in that's it you cannot raise on all in all all in. That's everything you can just call. That's all you can do. But then they go through the whole thing where they bet each other's cars which is quite funny. That's all i got. That's i got right now until what the homework. it's time for. What the homework. Dan can you believe it. I can't believe it. Shall we want to give some of the questions that we still have panda. At the very end of the movie she runs into her ex fiance. Who is now with another woman. He as you and i saw like it's the same. Exact proposal uses on this girl. Apparently it works again in. They're getting married but he casually says. Hey wilson you invite to the wedding. And i wanna know. Does she take him up on that offer i. It's a bold move. There's a lot. Bold moves out occur in that interaction first of all the fact that he is doing that. Same grand gesture with another girl the proposal again and then also another grand gesture. another one. the grand gesture also the very fact that he invites right in front of his new fiancee. Which is a bold move and then that she was to accept that also is a bold move so just a series of bold moves usable. I just want to know more. What happens yup. Yup yup kimberly suss status the sister in this movie. She doesn't do a ton but one thing she does do is confuse the heck out of me. What's going on with her and this movie. There's something going on with. My fear of them is that she is hooking up with mike watt but that doesn't make any sense aside from the one line she says to him and then she says she's going on a day all move along if she's hooking up with mike he doesn't know it and i don't think he knows much of anything but he legitimately doesn't ever give any intimation that he wants anyone other than the lead but there's this one weird scene is a weird senior. Were they lock where they lock eyes and he agrees to stay for dinner and then like five minutes later. She's getting super dressed up. Yeah she's going out on a date and in my mind. I'm like oh my gosh. She's hooking up with my ex fiance. But you're right. dan. Mike is giving us no. No no winky winky's the let us know whether or not that's happening. So what is going on with kim. That's a good one doesn't make any sense. I had that one. I have one more. I just wanna be clear on this. After andrew. walker's parents got divorced. They're like hey kiddo. Look your parents aren't going to be together anymore. We're gonna live in separate locations. I know that that is heartbreaking for you. we're also getting rid of your dog. Dade when they got divorced they took that jokers dog to the pound. These people are monsters. How how do you do that to that. Poor kid like i just want to know his parents. How could you possibly go when we were together. You can have a dog but now that we're divorced we also are going to take the one constant in your like. I can't believe it. I can't believe that yes. I couldn't believe it. That was such a tough part of this movie to me. It doesn't make any sense though. Yeah no parents are like look. It's going to be tough on the kid. Should we get rid of this dog. Yeah should we. Should we really get our bang for buck here and really devastate him like nobody does that. That's awful. I just don't understand..

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