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Better. Yeah so are. These other stereotypical black characters or something. Wizards of the coast continues to say that some elements of the role playing games. Fantasy races have drawn from the treatment of real world ethnic groups that have been and continue to be denigrated like savages. Or something interesting. I will say this. You know when i grow up cartoons like speedy gonzales with that guy and fred flintstone was that guy and everything was that guy and at some point they started making everyone kind of the same except for their skin. Tone was a little different in their hair was a little different. But it's there's nothing more knowing than like the cartoons do it modern day cartoons still which they have this sort of black. It's it's essentially a black man who has no characteristics a black man. They just sort of they from peanuts. Yeah or bryant. Gumbel brother greg gumbel like that. They just looked like it's like and then what you would essentially have heard. Yeah you have five characters who are the same. They're just different shades their their likes the mannerisms the way they speak turned it all kind of it's kind of my argument with the you know vanessa williams like she's the first black woman ever win. Yeah with blue eyes and straight hair and all the features of european beauty right all right. Let's do do we have the guys Zooming in soon max pat. We have time for one more all right all right last one. Take all the chrysler building. Radio city music hall the statue of liberty. Ooh i wanna talk in radio city. We talk on rock cats problematic. Are we talking that maybe building my guess maybe someone wasn't allowed reform there A history of nation. Good call chrysler like a catholic. Four history of little little Tarnished this. Nothing's about jesus. I mean anti semitism. We don't care coca might have been a dick. Yeah that's what we've learned from ford for. Okay i guess. I'm gonna say the statue i was gonna say. Yeah i'd be shot. No longer counts as a symbol of inclusive or something. Really radio city. Someone was denied playing there. Something philip kennecott pulitzer prize winner and washington. Post's art and architecture critic says that the statue of liberty represented liberty said. It was a symbol of quote unfulfilled promises due to america's history racism. So it's not that the session itself is what what it fail to the table. Everybody journalist added that. The statue was irrelevant to non white americans. I feel great about this game. If you have any questions about. what's problematic. Please seek out the winner. Jennifer ad went four for four relations on your win..

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