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From abc news i'm todd at at least four dead nine heard in the collapse of pedestrian bridge on the campus of florida international university in miami abc's aaron katersky is there the one hundred seventy four foot pedestrian bridge was built on the side of the road and had been lifted into position only five days before the collapse how could this have happened this this was completely recently installed this is just ridiculous i witnesses said it sounded and felt like an earthquake rescuers flat on their bellies feverishly tried to reach those trapped dogs and sophisticated listening devices aided the search for survivors but police said this is now a recovery operation aaron katersky abc news miami special counsel robert mueller's office has issued a subpoena to the trump organization for documents related to russia abc news ken confirmed that the special counsel's office has issued a subpoena to the trump organization requiring the trump family business to provide all documents related to russia this potentially brings the investigation closer to the president and his family's financial dealings than ever before president trump has previously denied any financial ties to russia apart from the 2013 thirteen miss universe competition and some business proposals that were never fulfilled lana zak abc news the capitol thursday marked eight years of the syrian civil war pentagon spokesperson dana white urges russia to compel the assad regime stop killing innocent civilians and allow aid to get through to ease gupta where syrian forces have been driving out rebels russia could stop civilian casualties in syria instead they're doubledealing is exacerbating the loss of innocent lives assads forces are fighting to drive rebels from eastern gouda near damascus one of the last rebelheld enclaves a new orleans saints and pelicans owner tom benson has died at age ninety benson was the owner of the saints when they won the super bowl in two thousand ten this is abc news on february twentysecond twenty team between seven forty five am and five forty five pm home was burglarized.

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